Paper/Presentation Upload Instructions for the Barbara Lawrence Award

Please note that only the Barbara Lawrence Award papers are required to be uploaded.

This year, all presenters will arrive to their sessions 10 minutes early with a USB (thumb drive) to transfer their own PowerPoint presentation directly to the laptop in the room where the session is being held. 

BLA applications, to upload your paper (and ppt, if desired) please do the following:

  1. Log in (if you are already logged in to the website, you may proceed directly to step 2).
  2. Find your abstract on the "Submitted Abstracts" page and click on your abstract title.
  3. At the bottom of the page click on the link "Upload a PPT presentation for this abstract" and follow the directions on the next page.

Students submitting papers or posters to be considered for the Barbara Lawrence Award should use the "Upload a PPT presentation for this abstract" link to upload these files, as well as their proof of student status. **Please be sure to check the "Check this box if this is a Barbara Lawrence Award submission" checkbox when uploading your files. **NOTE: The PPT submission form has changed to include a separate file upload field for uploading your Research Paper at the same time as your PPT presentation and your Student ID.

After submitting your presentation you will receive an email confirming receipt of your file. The email will also include instructions for how to replace your uploaded file with a revised version. Note that you will NOT receive an email confirmation after uploading a replacement file.

Poster Guidelines

Never made a poster before? No worries. Follow this link to download a .pdf of how to make a poster. Maximum poster size is 4 feet x 4 feet (1.21 x 1.21 meters). Posters must be flat.

Click here for a Powerpoint poster template.