Position Email Address
President, Sarah Walshawpresident@ethnobiology.org
Vice President/President Elect, Liz Olsonvice-president@ethnobiology.org
Treasurer, Denise Glovertreasurer@ethnobiology.org
Secretary, Jade d'Alpoim Guedessecretary@ethnobiology.org
Journal of Ethnobiology Editorseditor@ethnobiology.org
Ethnobiology Letters Editorseditors@ethnobiologyletters.org
Contributions Editorscontributions@ethnobiology.org
Forage! Editorsforage@ethnobiology.org
Publications Liaison, Chelsey Geralda Armstrongpublications-liaison@ethnobiology.org
Conference Coordinator, Liz Olsonconference@ethnobiology.org
Awards Coordinator, Ashley Blazinaawards@ethnobiology.org
Web and Social Media Liaison, Annalee Sekulićsocialmedia@ethnobiology.org
Publicity and Community Engagement Coordinator, Kali Wadepublicity@ethnobiology.org
Membership and Development Coordinator, Daniela Shebitzmembership@ethnobiology.org
Student Engagement Coordinator, Sam Boscostudents@ethnobiology.org
Website Coordinator, Cheryl Takahashiwebmaster@ethnobiology.org

Our Mailing Address is:

Society of Ethnobiology
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
University of Puget Sound
1500 North Warner St., CMB#1092
Tacoma, WA 98416

A note about emails sent from the Society of Ethnobiology:
If you see "From: designti@hvps-lw4-001.teamholistic.com On Behalf Society of Ethnobiology" in email messages from the SoE, you can trust that it originates from the Society and is not an entity (spammer) trying to impersonate the Society.