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Volume Cover of EBLEthnobiology Letters is a gold open access, online, peer-reviewed journal that invites short communications and alternative scholarly contributions concerning ethnobiology, the study of the relationships between humans and environments in diverse spatial and temporal contexts. We publish a variety of formats for original ethnobiological research, including perspectives, and mini-reviews on focused topics in ethnobiology, and reviews of recent books.

There is no charge for authors to submit manuscripts and no article processing charge associated with publication in Ethnobiology Letters; the journal is published with the support of the Society of Ethnobiology and its members. The journal is indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)Ethnobiology Letters is published on a continual basis with one or two volumes per year.

Article types include research communications; data, methods, and taxonomies; perspectives; mini-reviews; interviews; and books reviews. Research Communications (target length 2000–3500 words, maximum 5000 words) are short case studies that include description of methods, results, and brief discussion of the implications of results. Data, Methods & Taxonomies (target length 2000–3500 words, maximum 5000 words) portray innovative approaches and/or communicate ethnobiological data, such as plant taxa and linguistic notes. Perspectives (target length 2000–3500 words, maximum 5000 words) present essays about informed opinions, scholarly memoirs, and instructive stories relevant to Ethnobiology. Short Topical Reviews (target length 700–1200 words, maximum 1200 words) critically review relevant new literature on a highly focused topic of particular interest in ethnobiology. Interviews & Reflections (maximum 3500 words) with leading scholars or recently published authors address contemporary topics in a conversational style. Reviews (maximum 1000 words) evaluate texts, films, or exhibitions and assess their value within ethnobiology and related disciplines. Full details on each submission category are available on the Ethnobiology Letters Article Types page. For more information please contact

Longer research papers should be submitted to the Journal of Ethnobiology. Monographs and thematic edited volumes should be submitted to Contributions in Ethnobiology.


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Consult the Ethnobiology Letters Author Guidelines for formatting instructions. Due to its scope and small size, the editors of Ethnobiology Letters do not extensively edit manuscripts. We require authors who use English as a second language to have their papers edited prior to submission. Ethnobiology Letters requires authors to conform to our Ethics Declaration and Copyright Release. Also, please see Ethnobiology LettersPublication Ethics and Malpractice Statement. To submit an article, first register as an author.

See our Books Available for Review or contact Review Editor Sarah Walshaw to request one of our books for review or to recommend a book for review. Publishers or authors who would like to make a review copy of their book available to Ethnobiology Letters please contact Sarah Walshaw to arrange.

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