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Current Issue: 2022 Volume # 42 (2)
Special Issue: Tropical Agriculture: Past and Present

Journal of Ethnobiology Volume 42, Issue 1, 2022




2022 Volume # 42(2)

Special Issue: Tropical Agriculture: Past and Present.  Guest Edited by Lydie Dussol and Stéphan Rostain


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Tropical Agriculture, Past and Present: Cross-Cutting Approaches to Global Challenges

Lydie Dussol and Stéphen Rostain

Fields and People at Río Bec (Mexico): A Study in Progress (2019-2022) of Settlement Agriculture in the Classic Maya Lowlands

Eva Lemonnier and Charlotte Arnauld 

Ancient Agriculture on Lava Flows: Using LiDAR and Soil Science to Reassess Pre-Hispanic Farming on Malpaís Landforms in West Mexico

Antoine Dorison

Thinking Outside the Continent and outside the Box: Cross-Continental Comparative Studies Can Enrich Studies of Pre-Columbian Rasied-Field Agriculture 

Doyle McKey, Leonor Rodrigues, Javier Ruiz-Pérez, Rumsaïs Blatrix, and Stépen Rostain

Local Knowledge of the Interactions Between Agrobiodiversity and Soil: A Fertile Substrate for Adapting to Changes in the Soil in Madagascar?

Juliette Mariel, Vincent Freycon, Josoa Randriamalala, Verohanitra Rafidison, and Vanesse Labeyrie

Semi-Domesticated Crops Have Unique Functional Roles in Agroecosystems: Perennial Beans (Phaseolus dumosus and P. coccineus) and Landscape Ethnoecology in the Colombian Andes

Jonathan Locqueville, Vanesse Labeyrie, Doyle McKey, Olga Lucia Sanabria, and Sophie Caillon

Digging Deep: Place-Based Variation in Late Pre-Contact Mā'ohi Agricultural Systems, Society Islands

Jennifer G. Kahn and Dana Lepofsky

Traditional Agriculture and Food Sovereignty: Quilombola Knowledge and Management of Food Crops

Maiara Cristina Gonçalves, Fernanda Ribeiro da Silva, Daniele Cantelli, Maria Rita dos Santos, Paulo Volnei Aguiar, Eliseu Santos Pereira, and Natalia Hanazaki