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Current Issue: 2023 Volume 43, Number 2

Journal of Ethnobiology Volume 43, Issue 2, 2023




2023 Volume #43(2)

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Ethnobiotica: Ethnobiology's Unfinished Conversations
John Richard Stepp


Strengthening Relationships to Traditional Foodways: Adapting Food Practices Through Camas Cultivation Experiments on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation
Sidney Fellows, Georgia Hart-Fredeluces, Nolan Brown, Morey Burnham, and and The Language and Culture Preservation Department

Much More Than Firewood: Woody Plants in Household Well-Being Among Rural Communities in Argentina
María Belén Doumecq, N. David Jiménez-Escobar, Daniela Morales, and Ana Ladio

Weed-fed Pigs: Food Sovereignty in the Blind Spot
Xu Wu

The Sound of Silence: An Immersive Approach to Spearfishermen's Ecological Knowledge Along the Dakar Coastline
Timothée Brochier and Nicolas Puig

Local Ecological Knowledge and Use of the Pacific Seahorse (Hippocampus ingens) by Residents of the State of Sinaloa, Mexico
Jesus Alejandro Najera-Medellin, Miroslava Quiñónez-Martínez, Nemer E. Narchi, Dídac Santos-Fita, and Jesús Manuel Díaz-Gaxiola

Diet During the Late Initial Period (1100–800 BC) in the Chavín Heartland: New Data from Canchas Uckro (North-Central Peru)
Jason Nesbitt, Sadie L. Weber, Eden Washburn, Bebel Ibarra Asencios, Anne R. Titelbaum, Andrew Schroll, and
Lars Fehren-Schmitz

Traditional Knowledge on the use of Turtles in a Protected Area of the Amazon in Maranhão (Brazil): A Conservation Proposal
Almerinda M. Medeiros, Lorena S. R. de Araújo, Samuel L. Mesquita, Natália R. C. Aragão, Carlos A. L. Rodrigues, Elba P. Chaves, Raimunda N. F. Carvalho-Neta, and Alana L. de Sousa

Patagonian Ethnopedology and Its Role in Food Security: A Case Study of Rural Communities in Arid Environments of Argentina
D. Morales, S. Molares, and A. Ladio