The Society of Ethnobiology announces its Distinguished Ethnobiologist award to honor an ethnobiologist who has made outstanding contributions to the field of ethnobiology and advancing the goals of the Society. In recognition of these contributions, the recipient will be awarded a lifetime honorary membership to the Society of Ethnobiology. The recipient of the award (or in special circumstances, a representative of the winner) shall present an address at the annual meeting the year of his/her selection.  All travel expenses will be covered by the Society of Ethnobiology. Please submit the nomination materials electronically by December 30, 2017:

  1. a letter of nomination of no more than 500 words, including a short biographical sketch of the nominee, and
  2. a current CV of the nominee.

The nomination materials can be submitted to and should be addressed to the President of the Society of Ethnobiology, Scott Herron.

Previous Winners:

2017 Steve Emslie and Steve Weber

2016 Dr. Gary Nabhan

2015 Dr. Cecil Brown

2014 Dr. Gene Hunn

2013 Dr. Gene Anderson

2012 Dr. Catherine (Kay) Fowler

2011 Dr. Richard Ford

Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award Recipients

Distinguished Ethnobiologist 2017 Winners Announced

The Society of Ethnobiology announces Steve Emslie and Steve Weber as joint recipients of the 2017 Distinguished Ethnobiologist (DEB) award for 2017. Steve Emslie is a Professor in the Department of Biology and Marine Biology at the University of North Carolina. Steve Weber is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Washington State University.

2015 Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award goes to Dr. Cecil Brown!

Congrats Cecil Brown!
The Society of Ethnobiology is proud to present the Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award 2015 to Professor Emeritus Cecil Brown of Northern Illinois University. Dr. Brown's impressive career highlights the depth and breadth of the Society.

Dr. Eugene Hunn Wins the 2014 Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award

The Awards Committee of the Society of Ethnobiology is delighted to announce that Dr. Eugene Hunn, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Washington, has been selected to receive the Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award at our forthcoming conference in Cherokee. Professor Hunn is well known for his ethnobiological fieldwork across the North American continent, from Alaska to Mexico. He has also made outstanding contributions to theory and method in ethnobiology.

Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award - 2013 - Dr. Eugene N. Anderson

The Society’s Board of Directors recognized Dr. Anderson’s honorable record by presenting him with the DEB Award at the Membership Meeting in Denton, Texas on the afternoon of Friday, May 17th during our annual conference. Following the award presentation, Dr. Anderson delivered a unique and eloquent acceptance speech at the annual business meeting. Eugene N.

Dr. Catherine (Kay) Fowler Receives 2012 Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award

The Society of Ethnobiology is pleased to announce the second recipient of its Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award, Dr. Catherine (Kay) Fowler.  Dr. Fowler is Professor Emerita at the University of Nevada, Reno and was recently elected to the National Academy of Sciences.   She is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the study of traditional ecological knowledge, having spent decades collaborating with, and learning from, the peoples of the Great Basin.  Learn more about Dr.

Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award Recognizes Dr. Richard Ford

The Society of Ethnobiology is pleased to announce that Dr. Richard Ford is the first recipient of our "Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award".  Dr. Ford's long history of mentorship and scholarship exceeds the criteria of the award: to honour an ethnobiologist who has made outstanding contributions to the discipline of ethnobiology and to our Society.