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The Society of Ethnobiology is pleased to announce the publication of Explorations in Ethnobiology: The Legacy of Amadeo Rea, edited by Marsha Quinlan and Dana Lepofsky. This collection of papers, compiled in honor of ethnobiologist Amadeo Rea, is the first in our new on-line and print-on-demand series, Contributions in Ethnobiology. The volume chapters are authored by some of today's leaders in ethnobiology and cover much of the breadth of the discipline, including ethnobotany, ethnozoology, and ethnolinguistics, from the distant past to the immediate present.

File Downloads

Chapter Title Price (USD)
PDF Explorations in Ethnobiology: The Legacy of Amadeo Rea (entire volume)

Edited by Marsha Quinlan and Dana Lepofsky
Downloadable PDF file, 310 pp. with colour images (26.5 MB).

PDF Preface to Explorations in Ethnobiology: The Legacy of Amadeo Rea

by Dana Lepofsky and Marsha Quinlan. Includes front and back cover images, table of contents, and Contributors. PDF file 1.1 MB.

PDF 1. Diversity and its Destruction: Comments on the Chapters

by Amadeo Rea. PDF file: 705 KB.

PDF 2. Amadeo M. Rea and Ethnobiology in Arizona: Biography of Influences and Early Contributions of a Pioneering Ethnobiologist

by R. Roy Johnson and Kenneth J. Kingsley. PDF file 1 MB.

PDF 3. Ten Principles of Ethnobiology: An Interview with Amadeo Rea

by Dana Lepofsky and Kevin Feeney. PDF file: 750 KB.

PDF 4. What Shapes Cognition? Traditional Sciences and Modern International Science

by E.N. Anderson. PDF file: 1.1 MB

PDF 5. Pre-Columbian Agaves: Living Plants Linking an Ancient Past in Arizona

by Wendy C. Hodgson. PDF file: 2.5 MB

PDF 6. The Paleobiolinguistics of Domesticated Squash (Cucurbita spp.)

by Cecil H. Brown, Eike Luedeling, Søren Wichmann, and Patience Epps. PDF file: 2.3 MB.

PDF 7. The Wild, the Domesticated, and the Coyote-Tainted: The Trickster and the Tricked in Hunter-Gatherer versus Farmer Folklore

by Gary Paul Nabhan. PDF file: 598 KB.

PDF 8. “Dog” as Life-Form

by Eugene S. Hunn. PDF file: 852 KB

PDF 9. The Kasaga’yu: An Ethno-Ornithology of the Cattail-Eater Northern Paiute People of Western Nevada

by Catherine S. Fowler. PDF file: 1.5 MB.

PDF 10. People of the Sky: Birds in Chumash Culture

by Jan Timbrook and John R. Johnson. PDF file: 1.1 MB.

PDF 11. Upland Salado Resource Use

by Charmion R. McKusick. PDF file: 1 MB.

PDF 12. Amadeo M. Rea and the Case of a Vanishing Owl

by Steven W. Carothers, Dorothy A. House, and R. Roy Johnson. PDF file: 729 KB.

PDF 13. “To Feed all the People”: Lucille Clifton’s Fall Feasts for the Gitga’at Community of Hartley Bay, British Columbia

by Nancy Turner, Colleen Robinson, Gideon Robinson, and Belle Eaton. PDF file: 1.6 MB.