How to Access the Journal via BioOne

Members get free access to the Journal of Ethnobiology from 2005 onward through BioOne by logging in to this website and clicking the BioOne link on the Members Only page (the link to the Members Only page will appear under the Membership menu item in the left sidebar *after* you log in).

The Journal of Ethnobiology publishes “Special Issues/Sections”  on ethnobiological topics of broad interest.  We invite submissions of high quality articles for possible inclusion in future Special Sections.  In addition, if you would like to help us put together a collection of articles (3-6) on a specific ethnobiological topic, please contact us.

Future Special Sections                                                                                                                                                                            Ethnobiology of Seaweeds
Fisheries and Ethnobiology
Ethnobiology and Songs
The Ethnobiology of Pastoralism
Historical Ecology of Cultural Landscapes
Previous Special Sections
Urban Ethnobiology (Guest Editors: Marla Emery, Patrick Hurley)
Archaeology as Ethnobiology (Guest Editors: Steven Wolverton, Lisa Nagaoka)
Ethno-ornithology (Guest Editor: Nicole Sault)

Past Special Sections

Fire Ecology & Ethnobiology (2015)Climate Change & Ethnobiology (2014)Food Security in a Changing World (2014)