Society of Ethnobiology


We are a non-profit organization of scholars, activists and communities promoting and supporting the interdisciplinary study of past and present relationships between peoples and the environment.

Ethnobiology is the scientific study of dynamic relationships among people, biota, and environments. The Society of Ethnobiology gathers and disseminates knowledge of ethnobiology and fosters ongoing appreciation for the richness of ethnobiology worldwide.

Sample the website for a taste of the diversity of ethnobiological research and learn about the rich relationships between people and their biological worlds.


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NEW! 2016 Journal of Ethnobiology - Includes Special Sections: (1) Ethno-Ornithology, and (2) Urban Ethnobiology Click Here


Explore our Special Sections like Fire Ecology and Ethnobiology  Click Here


A gold open access, fully online, peer reviewed journal for
publication of short communications. Volume 8 out now. Click here


Ethnobiology Letters, special issue on “Memoirs and Memory," guest edited by John Richard Stepp.


A peer-reviewed monograph series featuring interdisciplinary ethnobiology research Click here

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The annual Ethnobiology Conference brings together people from an extraordinarily rich variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and geographic locations, all seeking to understand the myriad interactions of human cultures with plants and animals, past and present, worldwide. It attracts academics, students, museum staff, government and non-governmental agency personnel, interested laypeople, and Native/indigenous community members. Learn more

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