As a member of the Society of Ethnobiology, you will become part of a community of people interested in the interaction of humans with plants and animals. Our membership includes researchers and scholars in the fields of ethnobiology, students initiating ethnobiological studies, and interested people from all walks of life. We provide a forum for discussion and publication of research in historical and contemporary ecological knowledge, paleoethnobiology, environmental history and prehistory, cultural and political ecology, and ethnography of natural products.

Benefits of a Society of Ethnobiology Membership

  • At least three issues per year of the peer-reviewed Journal of Ethnobiology (print or electronic available, with online access to back issues)
  • The ability to connect to Society of Ethnobiology online, with scholars, students, and the global ethnobiology community contributing to online news, forum, and media 
  • Access to the full Society of Ethnobiology Membership directory and profiles
  • Access to the Society’s open access journal Ethnobiology Letters, for short communications, debate, and reviews
  • Free download of the Society of Ethnobiology Contributions series
  • You can register for the Ethnobiology Conference so that you can present ethnobiological research and be at the forefront of current discussions