Ethnobotanical plants used as a medicine by maldharies of Barda Sanctuary, Gujarat, India

Rajesh Raviya
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The Barda Sanctuary from a compact block of about 192.31 sq. kms lying between parallels of latitude 21° 40’ to 21° 55’ North and meridian of longitude 69° 40’ to 69° 50’ East. The tribe (maldharies) inhabiting this region is mostly Rabaris. They live in small settlements and their economy is based mostly upon animal husbandry. In present study, 37 plant species used by the Maldharies of Barda Sanctuary for their lives, for general diseases (28 species) and for other diseases (9 species). They use only rainwater and it’s essential for medicine plant preservation as well their life. They developed water storage instruments from their surrounding nature specially from plants.