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Volume 33, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 2013

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Heather Trigg and Virginia Popper
 Ethnobiology for A Diverse World: Autobiology? The Traditional Ecological, Agricultural and Culinary Knowledge of US!
Gary Paul Nabhan
 The Spotted Nightjar Calls When Dingo Pups Are Born: Ecological and Social Indicators In Central Australia
Myfany Turpin, Alison Ross, Veronica Dobson and M. K. Turner
 California Indian Ethnomycology and Associated Forest Management
M. Kat Anderson and Frank K. Lake
 Errakina: Pastoral Fire Use and Landscape Memory In the Basque Region of the French Western Pyrenees
Michael R. Coughlan
 Plant Species and Their Uses In Homegardens of Migrant Maya and Mestizo Smallholder Farmers In Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico
Korinna Neulinger, Christian R. Vogl and José A. Alayón-Gamboa
 Ecotopes and Herd Foraging Practices In the Steppe/Mountain Ecotone of Central Asia During the Bronze and Iron Ages
Robert N. Spengler, III, Michael D. Frachetti and Gayle J. Fritz
 Subsistence Change Among the 17Th-Century Diné? A Reanalysis of the Faunas from the Fruitland Data Recovery Project
Emily Lena Jones
Samira Agnihotri and Aung Si

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