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The Top 5 Reasons the Society of Ethnobiology Changed Our Graduate School Experiences

Words: Chelsey Geralda Armstrong & Alex McAlvay

Grad school is more than just appeasing supervisors and getting a fancy title. It’s an avenue for intellectual development and debate at the cutting edge of human thought. It’s the chance to meet people who will remain your greatest colleagues and confidants for decades. The time we've spent in our respective departments (Alex—UW-Madison and Chelsey—Western University and Simon Fraser University) have been full of great experiences and wonderful people. But we both agree—our experiences in grad school would not be the same—OK, maybe borderline miserable—if it wasn't for the Society of Ethnobiology (SOE).

Ethnobiology Song

The Ethnobiology Song (Music by Denise Glover; words by Denise Glover with help from Dana Lepofsky)

A few years back, we started a tradition of jamming at our annual SoE conferences. I wrote this song for that purpose, and to share during our "variety show" at the Columbus conference (2011). I just recently recorded the song in a mini home recording studio; this is a one-woman show since I'm playing mandolin, guitar, and bass (and singing)--thanks to overdubbing, of course. This version is not perfect, but I hope you enjoy!