“…When all is already withered
My little babies:
"Bread! Bread!" They cry to me
Just you [weedy field mustard], with your dew drops
clean the little faces of my babes
With your little green leaves,
Kindly you give us food

Words: Jessica Orozco

Since receiving the Society of Ethnobiology’s Indigenous Ethnobiologist Fellowship I have conducted a preliminary survey of Desert Chia’s (Saliva columbariae) genetic variation that will be used to guide further research into the evolution and biology of this ubiquitous species. Salvia columbariae is an herbaceous annual in the Mint family (Lamiaceae) that grows in a wide range of environments throughout California and the southwestern United States, including Sonora, Mexico.

Words: Diana Chen

“That's what Marshallese food reminds you of:  It reminds you of the sound of the waves, it reminds you of the smell of the ocean coming through the breeze, it reminds you of your childhood.