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By Sam Bosco & Brad Thomas

This article is about a university sponsored event on sovereign Indigenous territory in upstate New York, USA and written from two unique perspectives

Inga Mari Hætta cutting firewood with a chain saw while her daughter Inga Ellen Kristine Hætta looks on (Northern Norway in 1974). Photo: Hugh Beach.

By Ebba Olofsson

The author is teaching Anthropology and Methodology at Champlain Regional College in St-Lambert in Quebec. She also has an affiliation to the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University. She has done research with and about the First Nations and Inuit of Canada, as well as, the Sámi people in Sweden and Norway. Her research focuses on identity, gender, health, illness, and subsistence practices. She can be contacted at ebbaolofsson300@gmail.comor through ResearchGate and Linkedin.

By Shawn K. Collins, PhD


By: Kathleen Forste (Instagram: @k_4ste)


By Cathy Chambers

Amanda Thiel, recipient of the 2018 Urban Ethnobotany Graduate Fellowship

By Amanda M. Thiel. Amanda is a PhD student at Washington State University. She was the recipient of the Society of Ethnobiology Urban Ethnobotany Fellowship in 2018.

Posted January 29, 2019