Dear Society of Ethnobiology Members,

The Society of Ethnobiology unequivocally supports Black Lives Matter, both in the United States and around the world. We condemn any hate or violence against Black people and Black communities. We recognize the deeply rooted structures that allow such hate and violence to perpetuate. The Society of Ethnobiology denounces the use of state and police violence against their own persons and calls for new and better leadership at all levels to stop the violence against Black people. 

As ethnobiologists we often work for and with communities that face structural/colonial oppression We encourage you to support, uphold, and learn about local BLM initiatives and protests in your regions. This week’s protests are not one-time bursts of anger, but acts of dissent stirred by longstanding and compounding waves of white supremacy and oppression.  

To our Black members, colleagues, and neighbors: We acknowledge, affirm, and support your actions and your humanity. We acknowledge that you may be frustrated and tired, and we are here for you—we will take on more of the labor to educate and to continue to decolonize our research and our institutions, including the Society of Ethnobiology.

We call to action each individual member in the Society of Ethnobiology to reflect upon, and act against racism within their own context. We urge each member to speak louder in their institution, families, and local communities.

For more on Action Ethnobiology and how to do action-oriented research see our Special Issue

For a hub of additional resources and ways to help, we recommend this site

Want to read more about the relationship between science and racism? 

For difficult conversations with family, friends, students, and colleagues:

Also, consider sending support directly to communities that you know as well as the following organizations:


We acknowledge that there is much more work to be done, and we pledge to listen to, learn from, and boost #BLM and Black ethnobiologists. We further recognize that historical and institutional inequalities have harmed Indigenous peoples, and peoples of colour, and please know that your Society is working to strengthen our commitments to these members and communities as well.

In Solidarity,

Society of Ethnobiology, Board of Directors


Annalee Sekulic, Web/Social Media Liaison

Sam Bosco, Student Engagement Coordinator 

Chelsey Geralda Armstrong, Publications Liaison

Liz Olson, Vice President 

Sarah Walshaw, President

Kali Wade, Publicity and Community Outreach Coordinator

Jade d’Alpoim Guedes, Secretary