The General Membership Meeting of the Society of Ethnobiology is being held on Friday, May 10 from 4:00-5:30 in Geography 100. Due to the limited amount of time to cover the many activities that are happening within the Society and the many concerns of our members, we chose to distribute several reports and announcements as supplements to the spoken reports.  These reports are available as attachments to this announcement. We hope you will join us on Friday at 4:00 and, even if you are not present, you can review these documents. They include:

  • A notice of the situation of Logko Alberto Curamil, 2019 Goldman Award Recipient, provided by Jose Arias Bustamante. Curamil is a Mapuche traditional authority who has been arrested.
  • A draft Code of Conduct for Society of Ethnobiology Meetings and Events
  • Social Media Coordinator's Report