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Current Issue: 2021 Volume # 41(4)

Journal of Ethnobiology Volume 41, Issue 4, 2021




2021 Volume # 41(4)

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Cultural Keystone Species Without Boundaries: A Case Study on Wild Woody Plants of Transhumant People Around the Georgia-Turkey Border (Western Lesser Caucasus)

Ceren Kazancı, Soner Oruç, Marine Mosulishvili, and Jeffrey Wall

Dynamic Edible Plant Theoretical Knowledge in a Changing Western Mexican Rural Community

Alondra Flores-Silva, Ramón Cuevas-Guzmán, Geilsa Baptista, Miguel Olvera-Vargas, and Ramón Mariaca-Méndez

Ethnohistoric Accounts as Valuable Resources for Deciphering Commensal Relationships of Pre-Contact Caribbean Agouti (Dasyproctidae: Dasyprocta)

Sophie A. Rabinow

Supplemental Attachments

Negotiating (with) Fire: Contemporary Fire Domestication in Swedish Sápmi​​​​​​​

Sarah Cogos, Lars Östlund, and Samuel Roturier

Contrasting Indigenous Urarina and Mestizo Farms in the Peruvian Amazon: Plant Diversity and Farming Practices

Aaron L. Iverson and Louis R. Iverson

Supplemental Attachments 

A Sacred Bird at the Crossroads of Destiny: Ethno-Ornithology of the Mountain Hawk-Eagle (Qadis) for the Paiwan People in Taiwan

Yung-Kun Huang, Agathe Lemaitre, Hsin-Ju Wu, and Yuan-Hsun Sun​​​​​​​