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Current Issue: 2022 Volume # 42 (2)
Special Issue: Tropical Agriculture: Past and Present

Journal of Ethnobiology Volume 42, Issue 1, 2022




2022 Volume # 42(2)

Special Issue: Tropical Agriculture: Past and Present.  Guest Edited by Lydie Dussol and Stéphan Rostain

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Tropical Agriculture, Past and Present: Cross-Cutting Approaches to Global Challenges

Lydie Dussol and Stéphen Rostain

Fields and People at Río Bec (Mexico): A Study in Progress (2019-2022) of Settlement Agriculture in the Classic Maya Lowlands

Eva Lemonnier and Charlotte Arnauld 

Ancient Agriculture on Lava Flows: Using LiDAR and Soil Science to Reassess Pre-Hispanic Farming on Malpaís Landforms in West Mexico

Antoine Dorison

Thinking Outside the Continent and outside the Box: Cross-Continental Comparative Studies Can Enrich Studies of Pre-Columbian Rasied-Field Agriculture 

Doyle McKey, Leonor Rodrigues, Javier Ruiz-Pérez, Rumsaïs Blatrix, and Stépen Rostain

Local Knowledge of the Interactions Between Agrobiodiversity and Soil: A Fertile Substrate for Adapting to Changes in the Soil in Madagascar?

Juliette Mariel, Vincent Freycon, Josoa Randriamalala, Verohanitra Rafidison, and Vanesse Labeyrie

Semi-Domesticated Crops Have Unique Functional Roles in Agroecosystems: Perennial Beans (Phaseolus dumosus and P. coccineus) and Landscape Ethnoecology in the Colombian Andes

Jonathan Locqueville, Vanesse Labeyrie, Doyle McKey, Olga Lucia Sanabria, and Sophie Caillon
Supplementary File

Digging Deep: Place-Based Variation in Late Pre-Contact Mā'ohi Agricultural Systems, Society Islands

Jennifer G. Kahn and Dana Lepofsky

Traditional Agriculture and Food Sovereignty: Quilombola Knowledge and Management of Food Crops

Maiara Cristina Gonçalves, Fernanda Ribeiro da Silva, Daniele Cantelli, Maria Rita dos Santos, Paulo Volnei Aguiar, Eliseu Santos Pereira, and Natalia Hanazaki
Supplementary File