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Current Issue: 2022 Volume # 42 (1)

Journal of Ethnobiology Volume 42, Issue 1, 2022




2022 Volume # 42(1)

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Entangled with Antlers on the Yamal Peninsula of Arctic Siberia

Tatiana Nomokonova, Robert J. Losey, Stella E. Razdymakha, Stanislav Okotetto, Andrei V. Plekhanov, and Andrei V. Gusev

Sampling Bias in Ethnobotanical Studies on Medicinal Plants Conducted in Local Markets

Jonathan Garcia Silva, Roberta de Almeida Caetano, Rafael Ricardo Vasconcelos da Silva, and Patrícia Muniz de Mederios 

Differentiating Knowledge of Agave Landraces, Uses, and Management in Nancamilpa, Tlaxcala

Laura Trejo, María de Lourdes Luz Velázquez, Marinana Vallejo-Ramos, and Adriana Montoya

Challenges and Opportunities for Ethical Collaborative Research: Social Contours of A′uwĕ (Xavante) Ethnobioiological Knowledge

James R. Welch

Cooperation and Cattle Herding in the Eighteenth Century Acadia: Implications for Archaeological Studies of Agropastroalism

Martin H. Welker, Joanne E. Huges, and Sarah B. McClure

Love Sustains Life: Jkyo Jkwainï and Allied Strategies in Caring for Earth

Egleé Zent and Standford Zent