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Current Issue: Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change Impacts

Journal of Ethnobiology Volume 41, NUMBER 2




2021 Volume # 41(3):  Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change Impacts


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At the Crossroad of Emergency: Ethnobiology, Climate Change, and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Victoria Reyes-García, André Braga Junqueria, and Xiaoyue Li

Conceptualizing Indigenous Cultural Ecosystems Services (ICES) and Benefits under Changing Climate Conditions in the Klamath River Basin and Their Implications for Land Management and Governance

Megan Mucioki, Jennifer Sowerine, Daniel Sarna-Wojcicki, Frank K. Lake, and Shawn Bourque



Interactions between Climate Change and Infrastructure Projects in Changing Water Resources: An Ethnobiological Perspective from the Daasanach, Kenya

André Braga Junqueira, Álvaro Fernándex-Llamazares, Miquel Torrents-Ticó, Paul Lokona Haira, Job Guol Nasak, Daniel Burgas, Sara Fraixedas, Mar Cabeza, and Victoria Reyes-García


Knowing the Clouds through the Land: Perceptions of Changes in Climate Through Agricultural Practices in Two Nahua Indigenous Communities

Gonzalo Martíez-Herrera, Irma Trejo, Ana I. Moreno-CAlles, Maria Fernada de Alba-Navarro, and Andrea Martínez-Ballesté

"A Return to and of the Land": Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change Initiatives across  the Canadian Paries

Laura Cameron, Ian Mauro, and Kevin Settee

Crop Diversity Management: Sereer Smallholders' Response to Climatic Variability in Senegal

Faustine Ruggieri, Anna Porcuna-Ferrer, Alexandre Gaudin, Ndeye Fatou Faye, Victoria Reyes-García, and Vanesse Labeyrie

Adaptive Management Strategies of Local Communities in Two Amazonian Floodplain Ecosystems in the Face of Extreme Climate Events 

Julia Vieira da Cunha Ávila, Charles R. Clement, André Braga Junqueria, Tamara Ticktin, and Angela May Steward


Adaptation Measures to Climate Change as perceived by Smallholder Farmers in the Andes

Jennifer Ballesteros and Carolina Isaza