Current Issue: 2023 Volume 43, Number 4

Journal of Ethnobiology Volume 43, Issue 4, 2023

2023 Volume #43(4)

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I. Special Section: Cycads

Memorial Note for Yevhenii Osiievskyi
Iaroslav Kovalchuk


From “Cycad Hell” to Sacred Landscapes: Tracing the Cultural Significance of Cycads in the Ryukyu Islands and Japan
Joshua D. Englehardt and Michael D. Carrasco


From Black Magic to Black Flags: Social Uses and Symbolic Lexicons of Cycads in Vanuatu
Yevhenii Osiievskyi and Mark Bonta

Cycad Regulation and Community Creation: South African Stakeholder Perspectives on Conservation
Caitlin Blaser Mapitsa

Ritual Use of Ceratozamia totonacorum (Zamiaceae) Leaves in Santiago Ecatlán, Puebla, Mexico: Perspectives on Conservation
Tania Escobar Fuentes, Citlalli López Binnqüist, Francisco Basurto Peña, Noé Velázquez-Rosas, Fernando Nicolalde-Morejón, Lilí Martínez-Domínguez and José Blancas

Mind-altering Cycads? Preliminary Evidence of Psychoactive Effects in Cycadales
Mark Bonta


II. Regular Submissions

What Do We Know About Threshing Traditional Grains in Australia?
Angela Pattison, Kieran McGee, Jacob Birch, Kerrie Saunders, Rhonda Ashby, Rosanne Quinnell, Kim Bell-Anderson and Amy Way

Indigenous Traditional Knowledge on Wild Edible Mushrooms: Cultural Significance, Extraction Practices, and Factors Leading to Changes in Their Abundance in Central Mexico
Bello-Cervantes Eribel, Trejo Irma, Figueroa Fernanda and Cifuentes Blanco Joaquín


Tank Bromeliads as a Water Reservoir Used by Humans: An Important Overlooked Ecosystem Service in Xerophytic Forests
Ignacio M. Barberis, Rodrigo M. Freire and Guillermo A. Montero


Thinglhang Lou: Linkages Between Swidden, Culture, and Ecology in Manipur, Northeast India
Thangliemang Haokip and Ambika Aiyadurai

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