The Mentor Award was created in 2015 by student members of the Society of Ethnobiology to celebrate the Society's strong tradition of supporting and mentoring students and new members. The award is given annually and is elected by the student members through nominations and voting.

It's time again to nominate candidates for the 2017 SOE Mentor Award. Once we have a list of nominees, online voting will open to all student members. We will present the mentor award at the 40th annual conference in Montreal, Canada. Please send Alex McAlvay ( a paragraph describing why you would like to nominate your mentor by January 31, 2017. 

Don't forget to spread the word!

Past Award Winners:

2016 Dr. Steve Wolverton

2015 Dr. Leslie Main Johnson


2016 Steve Wolverton

What can we say about Steve? Well, the recent cohort of students who have inundated the Society of Ethnobiology in recent years have him to thank for the genuine love and exictement he brings to a community that are fundametally in support of young academics. While there were many nominees this year, we had little doubt that Steve would win, given his commitment to his own students, not to mention how he has carved his way into the hearts and minds of all the Society's young scholars. With his grounding in strong methods-based research and his success in promoting open-access research and scholarship, young people everwhere flocked to support his nomination. Please see Steve's heartfelt letter to students here.

2015 Leslie Main Johnson

Dr. Johnson has over three decades of experience and contribution to the field of ethnobiology. Her exemplary work throughout Western Canada has inspired students and colleagues to expand their breadth and depth of both Indigenous knowledge and Western science for the benefit of human and non-human communities. She has inspired generations of students through her publications, presentations and most notably to us, her engagement with students both at conferences and in the field. Dr. Johnson was the perfect recipient for the first SOE Mentor Award and was recognized in front of peers and students at the 38th SOE Meeting in Santa Barbara, CA. In nominating Leslie students echoed the sentiments of the many community members who continue to speak highly of Leslie's work. SOE students were pleased to honour Leslie as she continues to inspire and support students through her sincere and highly distinguished work in ethnobiology.