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Volume 19, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 1999

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Ethnobotany and Domestication of Leucaena in Mexico
Sergio Zárate
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Tleikw Aaní, The "Berried" Landscape: the Structure of Tlingit Edible Fruit Resources at Glacier Bay, Alaska
Thomas F. Thornton
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Comparative Analysis of Five Medicinal Floras
Daniel E. Moerman
Robert W. Pemberton
David Kiefer
Brent Berlin
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Use, Management, and Domestication of Columnar Cacti in South-Central Mexico
Alejandro Casas
Javier Caballero
Alfonso Valiente-Banuet
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In situ conservation of Rice Landraces Among the Baduy of West Java
Johan Iskandar
Roy Ellen
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Maize Diversity and Cultural Change in a Maya Agroecological Landscape
Michael K. Steinberg
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Bill Balée
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Book Review: Ecology and Empire: Environmental History of Settler Societies, by Tom Griffiths and Libby Robin
David L. Aegesen
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Book Review: Advances in Historical Ecology, edited by William Balée
Karl H. Offen
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Book Review: Los Camélidos Sudamericanos: Una introducción a su Estudio, by Duccio Bonavia
Daniel W. Gade