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Volume 19, Number 2 • Fall/Winter 1999

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Is the Frailejón a Life Form or an Unaffiliated Generic?: Examining the Rank of an Endemic Paramo Plant
Egleé L. Zent
Stanford R. Zent
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Gitksan Plant Classification and Nomenclature
Leslie Main Johnson
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Ethnobotanical Overview of GOGD (Allium ramosum L.): A Traditional Edible Wild Plant Used by Inner Mongolians
Kevin Stuart
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Plant Species (Poaceae, Asteraceae, Fabaceae and Solanaceae) at an Archaeological Site in the Southern Argentine Puna
Maria Fernanda Rodriguez
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Recent Doctoral Dissertations of Interest to Ethnobiologists XVII
Terence E. Hays
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The Process of Sociocultural Significance of Gopher Trapping in a Modern Yucatec Maya Community
Kevin Hovey
Dominique Rissolo
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Bill Balée
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Book Review: The Political Ecology of Bananas: Contract Farming, Peasants, and Agrarian Change in the Eastern Caribbean, by Lawrence S. Grossman
Timothy S. Brothers
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Book Review: Las Plantas de la Milpa entre los Maya, by Silvia Terán, Christian Rasmussen, and Olivio May Cauich
E.N. Anderson
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Book Review: People, Plants, and Landscapes: Studies in Paleoethnobotany, edited by Kristen J. Gremillion
George P. Nicholas
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Book Review: Sacred Ecology: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Resource Management, by Fikret Berkes
Andrew Sluyter
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Book Review: The Ambonese Curiosity Cabinet, by Georgius Everhardus Rumphius
E.N. Anderson
 Guidelines for Authors
William Balée