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Volume 6, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 1986

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Voucher Specimens in Ethnobiological Studies and Publications
Robert A. Bye, Jr.
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Verification and Reverification: Problems in Archaeofaunal Studies
Amadeo M. Rea
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Food Sample Collection for Nutrient Analyses in Ethnobiological Studies
Harriet V. Kuhnlein
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Guideposts in Ethnobotany
Vorsila L. Bohrer
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New Directions of Palynology in Ethnobiology
Richard G. Holloway
Vaughn M. Bryant, Jr.
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On the Analysis and Interpretation of Species List Data in Zooarchaeology
R. Lee Lyman
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Ethnobiology, Cognition and the Structure of Prehension: Some General Theoretical Notes
R.F. Ellen
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Topics and Issues for Ethnoentomology with Some Suggestions for the Development of Hypothesis-Generation and Testing in Ethnobiology
Darrell Addison Posey
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New Directions in Ethnopharmacology
Elaine Elisabetsky
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An Introduction to Ethnoveterinary Research and Development
Constance M. McCorkle
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Genetic Diversity and Conservation in Traditional Farming Systems
Stephen B. Brush
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Sectoral Fallowing Systems in the Central Andes
Benjamin S. Orlove
Ricardo Godoy
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Optimal Foraging: Simulation Studies of Diet Choice in a Stochastic Environment
Bruce Winterhalder
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Sketches in the Sand
Willard Van Asdall
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The Development of a Society: An Introduction to the Special Issue
Steven A. Weber
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News and Comments
Eugene S. Hunn
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Book Review: A World Dictionary of Ethnobotanists, by S.K. Jain, P. Minnis, and N.C. Shaw
Richard Evans Schultes
  Book Review: Prehistoric Food Production in North America, edited by Richard Ford
Gary Nabhan
  Book Review: Of Plants and People, by C.B. Heiser, Jr.
Richard Evans Schultes