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Volume 7, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 1987

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Estimation of Body Weight of White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) from Bone Size
James R. Purdue
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Medicinal Ethnobotany of Hmong Refugees in Thailand
Catherine V. Pake
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The Economic Potential of Chenopodium berlandieri in Prehistoric Eastern North America
Bruce D. Smith
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General Plant Categories in Thompson and Lillooet, Two Interior Salish Languages of British Columbia
Nancy J. Turner
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Hoplodactylus delcourti (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) and the Kawekaweau of Maori Folklore
Aaron M. Bauer
Anthony P. Russell
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Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy: A General Consideration
R. Lee Lyman
  Sketches in the Sand
Willard Van Asdall
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News and Comments
Eugene S. Hunn
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Short Communications: Datura and Castaneda
Robert A. Bye, Jr.
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Book Review: CRC Handbook of Proximate Analysis Tables of Higher Plants, by James A. Duke and Alan A. Atchley
Joseph E. Laferrière
  Book Review: Economic Botany: Plants in Our World, by B.B. Simpson and M. Conner-Ogorzaly
Richard Evans Schultes
  Book Review: Food, Diet and Population at Prehistoric Arroyo Hondo Pueblo, New Mexico, by Wilma Wetterstrom
Richard Evans Schultes
  Book Review: Chemotaxonomie der Pflanzen, Bd. 7: Nachträge zu Band 1 und Band 2 [Plant Chemotaxonomy, Vol. 7: Addenda to Vols. 1 and 2], by R. Hegnauer
Joseph E. Laferrière
  Book Review: The Evolution of Indo-European Nomenclature for Salmonid Fish: The Case of 'Huchen' (Hucho spp.), by A. Richard Diebold, Jr.
Cecil H. Brown