II. Ethnobiology Ethics Lab (eeLab)

Session Date and Time: 
Thursday, 9 May 2019 - 9:15am to 10:45am
Geography 101
Session Organizer(s): 
Ethics and Advocacy Committee
- president@ethnobiology.org

The eeLab is an intentional space, organized in the spirit of learning with and listening to the Society of Ethnobiology’s members on ethics and advocacy topics so that we can co-construct participatory and collaborative solutions and resources. The 2019 eeLab will be an opportunity for members of the Society to come together to review and discuss revisions to a proposed new Code of Professional Conduct for the Society of Ethnobiology’s meetings.  The Ethics and Advocacy Committee (EAC) has been developing a Code of Professional Conduct for Meetings that will apply to all Society gatherings, including the annual conference, board and committee meetings (both in-person and virtual), social media communiqué, and other types of official meetings.  The EAC is undertaking this work as part of a movement within academia to support meeting spaces where everyone can thrive while pursuing their academic and professional goals. The EAC has drafted a Code of Professional Conduct for Meetings that will be shared with eeLab participants for feedback.  The draft outlines appropriate and inappropriate behaviours for attendees of Society meetings.  The format for the eeLab will include an introduction to professional codes of conduct for meetings, breakout groups to focus on specific tasks and questions, and a reconvening of the whole group to share feedback that will guide the finalization of the new Code of Professional Conduct for Meetings.  EAC members will serve as moderators, small-group leads and attentive listeners.  A revised version of the Code of Professional Conduct for Meetings will be brought to members for adoption in the weeks following the eeLab.