What language does your land speak? Indigenous languages as archives of biocultural knowledge.

Session Organizer(s): 
Daisy Rosenblum
- daisy.rosenblum@ubc.ca
Spencer Greening
- sgreenin@sfu.ca

This session will focus on the multiple ways that Indigenous languages contain and express histories of biocultural relationships and knowledges of place. We invite submissions from a range of perspectives, approaches and orientations, encompassing community-based and academic research. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to: oral histories of place and relationships to ancestors and other territorial beings; placenames and the Traditional Ecological Knowledge they contain; ethnobiological histories revealed through comparative linguistic study; regional practices of protocol applied in visiting, gathering, and processing; and the development of contemporary language reclamation projects centered in biocultural knowledge and land-based pedagogies. We particularly welcome contributions reflecting on community-centred methodologies and best practices in the integration of language and linguistic understanding to ethnobiological research.