Global Change/Global Health

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The Global Change/Global Health session presents work in which global change and human health are viewed as interconnected phenomena. At the intersection of global change analyses and global health studies, these papers frame global change and human health as direct and indirect causes and consequences of each other. Human responses to the continuous transformations in the Earth’s atmosphere, ocean, and land involve biopsychosocial shifts in human communities. Papers may consider one of the major threads through which global change connects to global health, such as: (1) the health related causes and consequences of environmental change; (2) spatiotemporal processes of health; (3) the phenomenology of climate, environmental, and lifestyle changes; (4) critical analyses of global change and global health initiatives; (4) theoretical and methodological contributions to global change and global health studies; (5) global flows of people and ideas related to environments and wellbeing; (6) emerging ethical debates about global climate, health, political and social restructurings; (7) human and environmental relationships to new technologies, and the relevance for wellbeing; and (8) global change and global health in relationship to global conflicts. In addressing these most important convergences between global change and global health, the papers in this session contribute to public debates and informing public policies about the human dimensions of global change.