Revitalizing Traditional Plant Knowledge in Coastal Louisiana: Pointe au Chien Indian Tribe Medicinal Plant Garden Project

Poster Session
Date and Time: 
Friday, 12 May, 2017 - 13:00
, Liza - Independent Researcher
, Theresa - Pointe au Chien Indian Tribe

Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe is situated “at the end of the world” off the brackish waters of Louisiana’s Gulf Coast. The coastal community has been heavily impacted by coastal erosion and land loss affecting their ability to remain in the place they have lived for generations. As the communities’ very existence is threatened so are the many plants that were once relied upon for traditional medicine and food. The community is working to address this loss by building a medicinal plant 'garden', raised high off the ground to protect the plants from storm surge and encroaching salinity. Tribal members are working with elders to document and record traditional plant knowledge and pass it on to younger generations, utilizing the 'garden' as the center for sharing and keeping traditions and significant plant species.