Operationalizing Indigenous and Local Knowledge and Practices (ILK) in the Global Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of IPBES

Date and Time: 
Friday, 12 May, 2017 - 11:30
, Eduardo - Indiana University - Bloomington
, Sandra - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - Argentina
, Josef - Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ - Germany
Members of the IPBES Secretariat, ILK Task Force, ILK GA Liaison group
, Various - Intergovernmental S-P Platform on Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services (IPBES)

The global assessment (GA) of biodiversity and ecosystem services of the IPBES will critically assess the state of knowledge on past, present and possible future trends in multi-scale interactions between people and nature, while considering different knowledge systems. The GA includes land, inland waters, coastal zones and oceans and is timed to assess the current (2011-2020) and inform the next (2020-2030) generation of Strategic Plans for Biodiversity, and provide input to the SDGs. The proposed strategy to integrate ILK in the GA will be presented. The ILK-strategy will contribute to scale-up the contribution of ILK to regional and global environments and understand the impact of regional and global pressures upon them, and explore policy and governance options going forward. The presentation seeks inputs and calls on the ethnobiology community to contribute to the GA in multiple ways. Presented on behalf of the GA Co-Chairs, and multiple contributors to the GA.