Bringing joy back to the table: food traditions’ dynamics in two different regions of Chiapas, Mexico.

Date and Time: 
Thursday, 11 May, 2017 - 15:15
Monterrubio Solís
, Constanza - UNAM, Becaria del Programa de Becas Post doctorales UNAM-CIMSUR

Small-scale agriculture in this border Mexican state is in constant transformation due to changes in land tenure and use patterns, market dynamics, and the consequent cultural transitions. This research explores the transition and processes of two groups of women who commercialize corn at the time they reflect on the need for food sovereignty in two regions of Chiapas.  By looking at knowledge transmission, the dynamics in their diets and preparations in relation to the production of local market goods, I look at the roles and adaptations of women and culinary traditions in transforming food systems.  This work also illustrates the potential of native seeds and culinary traditions that are important for the sustenance of the household and recovering/maintaining food sovereignty. Results of this research are analyzed through the light of the potential of food traditions for food sovereignty and bio-cultural heritage conservation.