Hybrid Epistemologies: Traditional Knowledge and Archaeology in British Columbia

Poster Session
, Eric - Simon Fraser University

Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (TK) potentially informs all aspects archaeological research—from project planning to field methods to interpretation. Recent social and legal developments in British Columbia suggest that TK will play an increasingly significant role in the province’s future, and in its archaeological practices. British Columbian archaeologists are in the habit of working with First Nations to produce their own approaches to TK, which tend to be regionally and sub-disciplinarily specific. However, aside from select researchers who elect to publish on the topic, the thoughts the province’s archaeologists hold about the relationship between TK and archaeology are largely unknown. In response, I am interviewing a broad range of archaeologists working in BC. Ultimately, this work is intended to produce both a sharing of ideas and experiences amongst colleagues as well as a BC-focused contribution to the global discussion surrounding how engaging with TK affects the epistemology and practice of archaeology.