25th Annual Conference of the Society of Ethnobiology

Art and Soul: Celebrating Indigenous Artisans
March 6-9, 2002 University of Connecticut
Storrs, Connecticut


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Adams, Karen R. (Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Arizona)
Rocky Mountain Beeweed (Cleome serrulata Pursh) in the American Southwest: Ethnographic Data, Archeological Record, and Elemental Composition
Elda Miriam Aldasoro (University of Washington, Seattle) and
Zarza Heliot (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico-UNAM)
Animals With Magical and Medicinal Uses in Markets of the State of Mexico
E. N. Anderson (University of California, Riverside)
The Failure of Game Management in Quintana Roo
Julio Martinez Betancourt and Marco Vasquez Davila
(Instituto Technologico Agropecuario de Oaxaca, Mexico)
Mas que puro aceite: uso multiple de plantas oleaginosas in Cuba
(More Than Pure Oil: Multiple Uses of Oleaginous Plants in Cuba)
James S. Boster, Margaret Rubega, and Casey Kempton
(University of Connecticut, Storrs)
What Do Students Learn about Birds When They Study Ornithology?
Leslie A. Brownrigg (Statistical Research Division, Census, US Department of Commerce, Takoma Park, Maryland)
Inca Bird Rank
Homero Merlmn Camacho and Marco A. Vasquez Davila
(Instituto Tecnolsgico Agropecuario de Oaxaca, Mexico)
Mariposas nocturnas (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) y la predicción de la muerte en Oaxaca, Mexico
(Noctural Butterflies [Lepidoptera: Noctuidae] and the Prediction of Death in Oaxaca, Mexico)
Eugene R. Chung (New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York)
Biodiversity on a Single Plate: the Ethnobotany of Pepian and the Moles
Darron A. Collins (World Wildlife Fund, Washington D.C.)
A Bamboo for the Masses: Guadua angustifolia (Kunth) as Conservation Tool and Housing Resource
Melissa Darby (Lower Columbia Archaeology & Historical Research, Portland, Oregon)
Wapato for the People: Lessons Learned from the Lower Columbia River
Richard David (Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, Rooseveltown, New York)
Black Ash, from Standing Tree to Finished Basket
Robert Dewar (Anthropology Department, University of Connecticut)
The Geographical Patterning of Rainfall Variability and Subsistence Systems in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific
Robert R. Dunn and Monica C. Sanchez (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut, Willimantic)
Keeping the Queen Healthy: the Use of Social Insects as Medicine
Marja Eloheimo (University of Washington/The Evergreen State College, Olympia)
Starting a Collaborative (Tribal-Academic) Medicinal Plant Project
George F. Estabrook (The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Color and Age in Portuguese 19C Ex-Votos: Analysis of Contingency Tables Using Simulation (ACTUS)
Mary W. Eubanks (Duke University, Durham, North Carolina)
Ancient Artisans and the Evolution of Maize
Patricia J. Fay (Florida Gulf Coast University, Estero)
Creole Clay: Cultural Transfer and Evolution in the Functional Pottery Traditions of the Commonwealth Caribbean
Luci Latina Fernandes (University of Connecticut, Storrs)
Pita, Production, and Promise: Some Uses of Aechmea strobilaceae Among Kichwa Artisans in Ecuador
Catherine S. Fowler, Pauline Esteves, Bill Helmer, and Ken Watterson
(University of Nevada, Reno)
Caring for the Trees: the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe's Mesquite and Pinyon Management Program
Krisa Fredrickson (University of California, Berkeley)
The Consumption of Aloeswood and the Incense Culture of Japan
Neli Garcia, Angelina Caballero, and Marco Vasquez Davila
(Instituto Tecnologico, Oaxaca)
Gender and Agrodiversity Mixteca in Huitepec, Oaxaca, Mexico
Bethe Hagens (Union Institute and University)
Bullroarers and Seeds
Eugene S. Hunn (University of Washington, Seattle)
Precocious Acquisition of Ethnobotanical Knowledge: Evidence from a Plant Trail Study in the Zapotec-speaking Village of San Juan Mixtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico
Leslie Main Johnson (Athabasca University and University of Alberta)
Cranberries, Moose Licks and Trails - Reflections on Kaska "Kinds of Place" and Ethnoecology
Jami Leibowitz (University of Connecticut, Storrs)
The Traditional Use of Plant Material for Reproductive Control in Romania
Jean I. Linville (Union Institute and University, Briarcliff Manor, New York)
Amongst the Trees: an Artistic Response to Time and Place
Heather Lloyd (University of Connecticut, Storrs)
Callari: The Kichwa Handcraft Cooperative
Neil Logan (Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado)
Ethnobotany Database at Fort Lewis College
Kevin A. McBride (University of Connecticut, Storrs)
Transformation by Degree: Seventeenth and Eighteenth-century Native American Land Use
Jason R. Mancini
(Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, Pawcatuck, Connecticut)
An Ethnobotanical History of Southern New England and Coastal New York: Developing and Applying a New Methodology
Laurie N. Monti (Northern Arizona University)
Sounds of the Sea: Seri Indian Traditional Navigational Knowledge of the Sea of Cortez Embedded in Ritual Song-cycle; the Human Dimensions of Arid Coastal Biogeography
Anna Muselius (Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's)
Folk Taxonomy of New Foundland Names for Fish
Gary P. Nabhan (Center for Sustainable Environments, Flagstaff, Arizona)
Assisting Indigenous Artisans with Sustainable Harvest Marketing of Native Crafts
Ailele Patrick Okpogie (Alaka Gallery of Edo Arts and Craft, Benin City, Nigeria)
Artisans as Healers: The Spiritual Dimension of Edo Arts and Craft
Margaret T. Ordonez (University of Rhode Island, Kingston)
Nineteenth Century Seamless Weft-twined Bags
Deane R. Osterman (Kalispel Tribe of Indians)
Spokane Ethnoichthyology
Aswini Pai (Department of Environmental and Plant Biology, Ohio University, Athens)
A Survey of Leaf Cup Making Activity Using Butea Monosperma Leaves in Madhya Pradesh, Central India
Usha Palaniswamy (University of Connecticut, Storrs)
Emerging Nutraceuticals of Asian Origin and Culture
Christian T. Palmer (Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Laie)
The Substitution of Alien Species for Native Plants in the Hawaiian Medical Ethnobotanical Tradition
David Perry and Brian Jones
(Mashantucket Museum and Research Center, Pawcatuck, Connecticut)
A Synopsis of Recent Identifications of Soft Plant Tissues from Prehistoric Contexts at Mashantucket
Ram Prasad, P.C. Kotwal, and Manish Mishra
(Indian Institute of Forest Management, Nehru Nagar, Bhopal)
Studies on Sustainable Harvesting of Medicinal Plants: a Case of Safed Musli in Madhya Pradesh
Carlos R. Ramirez-Sosa & Dwight Kincaid (St. Lawrence University)
Tree Diversity in an Abandoned Coffee Plantation in El Salvador
Carlos R. Ramirez-Sosa, Elsa Rengifo, & Kadir Zevallos Morey (St. Lawrence University)
Market Medicinal Plants in Iquitos, Peru, and Apopa, El Salvador
Trudie Lamb Richmond, Schaghticoke Elder (Mashantucket Museum and Research Center, Mashantucket, Connecticut)
An Elder's View of Honoring the Plant World
Enrique Salmón (Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado)
Beer, Corn, and Wrestling With the Devil: Raramuri Performance Art and TEK
Archana Sambandan and Usha Palaniswamy (University of Connecticut, Storrs)
Artistic Representation of Environmental Responses and Anatomy of Two Plant Species in Thirukkural, a Book of Code of Ethics Written by the Ancient Tamil Sage Thiruvalluvar
Daniela J. Shebitz & Robin Kimmerer (SUNY)
Re-establishing Roots of a Mohawk Community and a Culturally Significant Plant: Sweetgrass, Hierochloe odorata (L.) Beauv.
Richard Sosis (University of Connecticut, Storrs)
Patch Choice Decisions among Ifaluk Fishers
Michael K. Steinberg (University of Southern Maine, Peaks Island)
The Persistence of Maize Diversity under Conditions of Social and Political Change in Highland Guatemala
Linda A. Swift and Paul J. Godfrey (Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York)
Medicinal Zingiberaceae Biodiversity and Conservation by the Akha on Pakha Mountain, Northern Thailand
William H. Thomas (Department of Social and Cultural Sciences, Marquette University)
Beyond Inventories: Using Indigenous Knowledge to Develop Dynamic Programs for Biodiversity Conservation
Jan Timbrook (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara, California)
Sukinanik'oy: a Chumash Ethnobotanical Garden
Nancy J. Turner
(University of Victoria, School of Environmental Studies, British Columbia)
The Sandbar Willow Syndrome: Environmental Loss and Cultural Loss