24th Annual Conference of the Society of Ethnobiology

The Center of Southwest Studies
Fort Lewis College Durango, Colorado,
March 7-10, 2001


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Adams, Karen R. (Crow Canyon Archaeological Center)
The White Dove of the Desert,Mission San Javier Del Bac: Why Nopal Juice (Opuntia ficus-indica) is NowUsed To Protect Mission Walls
Anderson, E.N. (University of California, Riverside)
The Morality of Ethnobiology
Anderson, M. Kat (Independent)
The Fire, Pruning, and Coppice Management of Temperate Ecosystems for Basketry Material by California Indian Tribes
Angel, Aeda (Independent); Robert Bye (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)
Steps Towards Understanding a Huichol Taxonomy of Kieri
Balée, William (Tulane University)
Analytic Uses of Creolization in Ka’apor Ethnobotany
Bannister, Kelly (University of Victoria); Mary Chipesia (Independent); Alex Chipesia (Independent); Louie Notseta (Independent); Fred Jumbie (Independent)
No Beaver, No Beaver Root: The Importance of Animals in Dene Tsaa Tse K’nai Ethnobotany
Beckwith, B.R. (University of Victoria)
Emergence of Ecocultural Restoration in Victoria, British Columbia
Blosser, Bret (Tulane University)
The Transmission of Entheogen-based Healing Practices from Indians to Afro-Mexicans and Hispanic Mexicans in Central Mexico, 1658 to 1737
Bruno, Maria C. (Washington University, St. Louis)
Not Just Quinoa: Archaeobotanical Identification of Chenopods From Highland Bolivia
Bye, Robert (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico);
Edelmira Linares (Independent)
Bioprospection Antecedents in Mexico: 18th Century English Collections from New Spain
Bye, Robert (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico); Martín Hilerio (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico); Joel Rodríguez (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico); Myrna Mendoza (Independent); Gustavo Morales (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico); Hugo Bolaños (Independent); Mabel Hernández (Independent)
Propagation and Conservation of Medicinal Plants in the Sierra Tarahumara, Chihuahua, Mexico
Chandler-Ezell, Karol (University of Missouri, Columbia)
Animal, Vegetable, and …: Ethnomineralogy, the “Other” Category Which Completes Ethnoecology
Eloheimo, Marja (Independent); George Amiotte (Independent);
Elise Krohn (Independent)
Puget Salish Access to Culturally-Significant Plants
Enos, Tomas (Independent)
Endangered and At-Risk Medicinals of the Southwest
Estabrook, George F. (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Giesta (Cytisus, Fabaceae): Essential wild resource for traditional agriculture in Trancoso, Portugal
Fowler, Catherine S. (University of Nevada, Reno)
Southern Paiute Toponomy: Linguistic Clues to Environmental Perception
Garibaldi, Ann (University of Victoria)
Cultural Enhancement Through Ecological Restoration
Garibaldi, Ann (University of Victoria), Sandra Peacock (University of Victoria)
Beyond Myth, Beyond Sky: Teaching & Taboo in the Star Husband Tale
Gleason, Susan M. (University of California, Riverside)
Digging Ipos-Experiments Relatedto the Behavioral Chain Analysis of Perideridia spp.
Glover, Denise (University of Washington)
Tibetan Medicinal Plant Nomenclature: A Preliminary Study
Huisinga, Monti (Northern Arizona University); Laurie Huisinga (Northern Arizona University); and Kristin Huisinga (Northern Arizona University)
Potential Effects of Restoration Treatments on Culturally-significant Plants in Northern Arizona
Huisinga, Kristin (Northern Arizona University)
Hunn, Eugene (University of Washington); Darryl Johnson (Independent); Thomas Thornton (Independent); and Priscilla Russell (Independent)
Walking on Egg Shells: Tlingit Traditional Ecological Knowledge And the Management of a “Wilderness” Park
Johnson, Leslie (University of Alberta); Andre Alestine (University of Victoria)
Lookouts, Fish Lakes, and Moose Licks—A Consideration of North Dene Ethnoecology
Johnston, Sue (University of Washington)
The Modification of Hispano Ethnomedical Knowledge in San Luis Colorado As a Response to Environmental Loss and Degradation
Kohn, Eduardo (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
The Leaf that Grows Out of Itself: Ecological Perspectivism, Ethnobiological Knowledge, and Biological Impossibilities Among the Runa of Amazonian Ecuador
Ladd, Elissa (St. Lawrence University); Stacey M. Chippinelli (St. Lawrence University); Carlos Ramirez-Sosa (St. Lawrence University); Michael H. Temkin (St. Lawrence University)
Lantz, T.C. (University of Victoria)
Traditional Phenological Knowledge (TPK) of British Columbia First Peoples
Litzinger, William (Anasazi State Park Museum); Lisa-Floyd Hanna (Independent); David Hanna (Independent)
The Post Fire Population Dynamics of Mountain Tobacco, Nicotiana attenuata Torrey (Solanaceae), at Mesa Verde National Park
Logback, Judy (Independent); Luci Latina Fernandes (University of Connecticut); Pamela Erickson (Independent); Gregory J. Anderson (Independent); Heather Lloyd (Independent)
Mack, Cheryl (Gifford Pinchot National Forest)
A Burning Issue: Native Use of Fire in the Mount Rainier Forest Reserve
Mandaville, James P. (University of Arizona)
Bedouin Arabic Plant Classification: A Nomadic Pastoralist Case
Miller, Verna (Nicola Tribal Association-TMIXW Research)
Nolan, Justin M. (University of Missouri, Columbia)
Ethnobotanical Knowledge Variation in Missouri's Little Dixie
Osterman, Deane (Kalispsel Tribe of Indians)
Problems with bullheads
Piniero, Maricel (Independent)
Women and Homegarden in Ecuador
Ramirez-Sosa, C.R. (St. Lawrence University) and M.B. McDonnell (St. Lawrence University)
Medicinal Plants of El Salvador: The Effectiveness of Traditional Healing
Ramirez-Sosa, C.R. (St. Lawrence University)
Extracting ethnobotanical knowledge from urban and rural population in El Salvador
Rhoades, Robert (University of Georgia) and
Virginia Nazarea-Rhoades (University of Georgia)
Cultural Invisioning of Land Use Change in Nanegal, Eduador
Ruppel, Kristin T. (Columbia University)
One Nation Undivided
Shebitz, Daniela (State University of New York)
An Ethnobotanical Study of Sweetgrass: a means to integrate TEK and SEK
Sikkink, Lynn (Independent)
Traditional Medicines in the Marketplace: the Business of Health in Bolivia
Stevens, Michelle L. (Jones & Stokes)
The Contribution of Traditional Resource Management by California Indians to Riparian Restoration
Timbrook, Jan (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History)
Exhibiting Ethnobotany: A Basket Case
Todt, Donn L. (Ashland Parks Department)
Two Tobaccos
Trusler, Scott (University of Northern British Columbia)
Lessons from the land: Traditional burning of Gitxsan and Wet’suwet’en Huckleberry Sites
Turner, Nancy (University of Victoria); Mary Thomas (Independent); Ann Garibaldi (University of Victoria); and George Nicholas (Simon Fraser University)
Valuing Those Soggy, Boggy Places: The Cultural Significance of Wetlands in British Columbia
Weingartner, Lori (Independent)
Some Population Genetic Consequences of Traditional Ecological Activities
Welch, James R. (Tulane University)
Potter Valley Pomo ethnobotany in the writings of Dr. John Hudson (1857-1936)
Wright, Karen A. (Northern Arizona University)
Archaeobotanical Evidence of Cotton, Gossupium hirsutum var. punctatum, on the Southern Colorado Plateau