23rd Annual Conference of the Society of Ethnobiology

Ann Arbor, MI, March 29–April 1, 2000

edited by Richard I. Ford and Elizabeth J. Bridges

Symposia Abstracts

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Facilitator: Kelly Bannister (University of British Columbia)
Pre-Conference Roundtable: Indigenous Intellectual and Natural Resource Property Rights
Organized by Richard I. Ford (University of Michigan)
Presidents' Symposium: Ethnobiology at the Millennium
Organized by Richard W. Redding (University of Michigan)
Symposium: From Faunal Remains to Human Behavior
Organized by Virginia D. Nazarea (University of Georgia)
Symposium: Too Close for Comfort? Doing Ethnobiology in Our Own Backyard

Paper and Poster Abstracts

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Adams, Karen (Crow Canyon Archaeological Center)
Looking Back Through Time: Contributions of Southwestern U.S. Archaeobotany to Ethnobiology
Alessio, Julie (TESC)
Hands-On Community Environmental Education: The Case for an Ethnobotanical Trail in Olympia, Washington
Anderson, E. N. (University of California, Riverside)
Disenchantment and Deforestation Revisited
Anschuetz, Kurt F. (Rio Grande Foundation) and
Louie Hena (Picuris Environmental Department, Picuris Pueblo)
Living on the Edge: Pueblo Agricultural Traditions for Sustaining Biodiversity and Community
Atran, Scott (CNRS, University of Michigan)
The Spirit of the Commons: Ecological Rationality and Emergent Cultures in Mayaland
Baker, Jonathan (Arizona State University)
maginary Groups, Real Effects: Theoretical Perspectives on Consumerism and the Health and Harvest Impacts of St. John's Wort Use
Bannister, Kelly P. (University of British Columbia)
All Dried Up – And Safer? Tracking the Allergins in Leaves of Balsamroot When Processed for Secwepemc (Shuswap) Medicine
Bigelow, Lauren (Northwestern University)
Zooarchaeological Investigations into Late Chalcolithic Herding Economy at Hacinebi Tepe, Turkey
Bonhage-Freund, Mary Theresa (Alma College)
Maize and More: A New View of Early Historic Subsistence Patterns in Southeastern North America
Brown, Cecil (Northern Illinois University)
Linguistic Ethnobiology
Cahill, Joseph (University of California – Riverside
Ethnobiology of Chia, Salvia hispanica L.
Campbell, Brian (University of Georgia)
Afro-American Gastronomy and Agricultural Biodiversity: A Market for Soul?
Campbell, H. Russell (Ohio University)
Characterization of In Situ Cassava Diversity Among the Amuesha, Peruvian Upper Amazon
Chambers, Kimberlee (University of Victoria)
Past Uses and Future Potential of Arrow-Leaved Balsamroot
Chandler-Ezell, Karol (University of Missouri – Columbia) and
Shawn K. Collins (Univ. of Missouri – Columbia)
Decking the Halls: Ethnobiologicals Americans Associate with the Christmas Holidays
Cocksedge, Wendy (University of Victoria)
Sustainable Harvesting Potential of Salal (Gaultheria shallon): Case Study of a Non-Timber Forest (poster not presented)
Crane, Todd (University of Georgia)
Small Farmer Cognition of Folk Crop Varieties: Definitions, Values and Motivations
Cummings, Linda Scott (Paleo Research)
Starches in the Archaeological Record
Currey, Robin (University of Michigan)
A Call to Quantify: A Landscape Ecology Approach and Hunter-Gatherer Land Use Patterns
Dean, Rebecca (University of Arizona)
The Use of Age and Sex Ratios to Identify Ungulate Domestication in the Archaeological Record
de la Portilla, Elizabeth (University of Michigan)
La Planta es la Vida: The Cultural Life of Plants in Curanderismo
Ehrlich, Celia
The Efficacy of Ti, a Healing Plant
Emshwiller, Eve (The Field Museum of Natural History)
History and Dispersal of the Andean Tuber Crop Oxalis tuberosa
Fediuk, Karen (McGill University) and Harriet Kuhnlein (McGill University)
Vitamin C Sources of Contemporary Inuit
Fernandes, Luci (University of Connecticut)
Wild Plants Bearing Fleshy Fruits Used By Indigenous Cultures in Southern New England During Contact and Colonial Times
Fowler, Catherine S. (University of Nevada – Reno)
In the Field With People, Plants and Animals: A Look at Methods
Glew, Christopher D. (University of Michigan) and
Jeffrey D. Sommer (University of Michigan)
Late Intermediate Subsistence Strategies at Cerro Azul, Peru
Gonella, Michael (Proyecto Ak’ Tenamit)
Agriculture and Homegardens of the Q'eqchi' Maya
Gorham, L. Dillon (Texas A&M University)
Preliminary Analyses of Archaeobotanical Materials From the Ninth-century A.D. Shipwrecks of Bozburun, Turkey and Tantura Lagoon, Israel
Graham, James (University of Illinois – Chicago)
Miban Junikuin: Ethnobotany and the Conservation of Traditional Knowledge
Hamlin, Catherine (Ohio University) and Jan Salick (Ohio University)
Change in Amuesha Agriculture in the Upper Peruvian Amazon
Hines, Erin (Ohio University) and Jan Salick (Ohio University)
Ethnoecology of Fire: An Experimental Approach in the Ohio Valley
Hudson, Jean (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)
Ethnohistoric and Ethnographic Models for Marine Mammal and Bird Utilization in the Americas
Hunn, Eugene (University of Washington)
Ethnozoology as Second Fiddle
Hunn, Eugene (University of Washington)
Where Do Fungi Fit?
Johnson, Leslie Main (University of Alberta)
"Frog Jumps On It" – Cultural Association of Plants With Animals
Landon, David (Michigan Technological University) and Joanne Bowen
Zooarchaeological Evidence for Seasonal Husbandry Cycles in the Colonial Chesapeake
Lantz, Trevor C. (University of Victoria)
Sustainable Management of Devil's Club (Oplopanax horridus) in British Columbia
Lepofsky, Dana (Simon Fraser University), Emily Heyerdahl, David Schaepe,
Ken Lertzman, Robert Mierendorf
Archaeology, Fire and the Historical Synamics of Chittenden Meadow, Southwestern British Columbia (paper not presented)
Litzinger, William J. (Prescott College)
The Biology of Native Weeds in the North American Southwest
Lomaomvaya, Micah (The Hopi Tribe, Office of Resource Management)
Hopi Ethnobotany: Moving Beyond Economic Botany to Interpreting Archaeobotanical Remains and Involvement in Natural Resource Management (paper not presented)
Lotz, Kristina R. (University of Missouri – Columbia) and
Karol Chandler-Ezell (Univ. of Missouri – Columbia)
Knowledge from the Weeds: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Herbal Medicine in Missouri Circa the Early 1800s
Lyon, Linda (Washington State University)
Antanosy Odyssey: Local Perspectives of Natural Resource Management Practices in Southern Madagascar
Marr, Ken (University of Michigan)
Domestication and Ethnobotany of Four Asian Cucurbits
McCune, Letitia M. (CINE, McGill University) and
Timothy Johns (CINE, McGill University)
Potential Antidiabetic Plants of Canada: Selection and Use in Relation to Antioxidant Activity
McKenney, Christine (University of Georgia)
How Does Your Garden Grow? Cultural vs. Biological Diversity (paper not presented)
Minnis, Paul (University of Oklahoma)
One Possible Future for Paleoethnobotany
Nazarea, Virginia D. (University of Georgia)
Just Because I Like 'Em: Seed Savers as Discordant Notes
Pai, Aswini (Ohio University), Pravat Sutar (Ohio University) and
Jan Salick (Ohio University)
Survey of Terminalia chebula in Central India
Peacock, Sandra (Simon Fraser University) and
Dana Lepofsky (Simon Fraser University)
Black Holes and Paleoethnobotany on the Canadian Plateau
Pearsall, Deborah (University of Missouri – Columbia)
The Nature and Status of Paleoethnobotany: A View from the Tropics
No abstract submitted.
Redding, Richard W. (University of Michigan)
The Pig and the Chicken: A Parable on Modeling Human Subsistence Behavior
Ross, Norbert (Northwestern University) and Douglas Medin (Northwestern University)
Menominee Aquatic Folkecology
Salick, Jan (Ohio University), Alim Biun, Gary Martin, Ludi Apin, and Reed Beaman
Useful Plants of the Dusun and Biodiversity on Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo
Salmón, Enrique (Ft. Lewis College) and Julia Bennett
The Southern Ute Ethnobotany Project (paper not presented)
Seares, Jessica (University of Georgia)
You Will Be Assimilated: Fighting for Diversity in the Context of Globalization
Sharma, G. K. (University of Tennessee – Martin)
Folklore and Ecotypic Variation in Cannabis in the Himalayas
Speth, John D. (University of Michigan) and Eitan Tchernov (Hebrew University)
Neanderthal Hunting: The Kebara Cave Evidence
Standifer, Marie Scott (Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge),
Jenna Tedrick Kutruff (Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge), and
Shirley Cotter Tucker (University of California – Santa Barbara)
Eryngium yuccifolium Michx. as a Source Plant in Textiles from Arnold Research Cave, Missouri
Standifer, Marie Scott (Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge) and
Mark H. Mayfield (Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge)
Floral Remains from a Mid-nineteenth Century Coffin
Stepp, John R. (University of Georgia)
Weeds in Traditional and Western Medicine
Stijfhoorn, Eirik (Ohio University) and Jan Salick (Ohio University)
Ethnobotanical Knowledge, Use and Management of Species and Secondary Forests, Pucallpa, Peruvian Amazon (poster not presented)
Storm, Linda (University of Washington and EPA)
Anthropogenic Form and Functions of Mima Mound Prairies? Links to Indigenous Landscape Management and Root Food Production
Strand, Jennifer G.
The Identification of Ritual Fauna Using Life-history Models and the Homol'ovi Fauna
Talbot, Jennifer (University of Michigan)
The Conservation of Medicinal Plants: A Common Goal for Local and Global People in Benin, West Africa
Thomas, Winifred (The American College – Madrai, INDIA),
Ghate Utkarsh (Indian Institute of Science – Bangalore, INDIA),
Abdul Kareem (Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Tradition – Bangalore, INDIA)
Community Biodiversity Register: A Document Designed to Assist Natural Resource Management
Ticktin, Tamara (McGill University) and Timothy Johns (CINE, McGill University)
Management of Ixtle by the Chinanteco: Implications for TEK and TRM in Management Plants
Turner, Christian (University of Georgia)
An Emerging Trend of Using Native Plants in Constructed Landscapes: Complications for Traditional Ethnobiology
Turner, Nancy J. (University of Victoria)
Pieces Into Patterns: Botany of British Columbia Cultures and Influences of Society of Ethnobiology Members
Walshaw, Sarah (Washington University – St. Louis)
Examination of Phytoliths from Human Dental Calculus: A Case Study From Tell Leilan, Syria
Weber, Steve (Washington State University)
Ancient Seeds: Their Role in Understanding the Past
Weinstein, Stephanie (University of Florida)
Traditional Management of the Açai Palm in the Amazon Estuary, Brazil: The Role of Markets on Ribeirinho Land Use Decisions
Wing, Elizabeth S. (Florida Museum of Natural History)
Potentials of Zooarchaeology for Better Understanding of the Human Past
Zeder, Melinda (Smithsonian Institution)
New Perspectives on Goat Domestication in the Eastern Fertile Crescent