Traditional Herbal Formulations Used In Badwani District(Madhya Pradesh) India

Date and Time: 
Thursday, 16 May, 2013 - 21:00 to 21:20
PATIL, Prof. Dr. D. A.

Abstract:  The present paper communicates the documentation of herbal formulations used for indigenous medicine by the tribal and rural people of Badwani district in India. It reveals 36 plant species belonging to 35 genera and 22 families of angiosperms and pteridophytes About 45 reports form first use-report for India, whereas 05 species are being reported for The first time.  These  help  combat  as  many  as  45  human  afflictions  with  a  variety  of   formulations.  The  vernacular  plant  names  ,scientific  plant  names  ,family,  type  of  recipes  and   and doses, etc. are presented. This information may help reveal new or alternate sources of herbal drugs on critical scientific examination.

Key Words: Traditional  ethnomedicine, Badwani district, India.