Studies of Traditional Anti-Diabetic Bangladeshi Plants for Potent α-amylase Inhibitory Effects in vitro

Poster Session
Rahman, Md. Sahidur - Biotech Concern, Bangladesh ***
Zahid, Ikhtiar - Biotech Concern, Bangladesh **
Wadud, M A - Biotech Concern, Bangladesh**

Diabetes mellitus is the most prevelent chronic desease in the world and the current oral synthetic antidiabetic therapy display negative side effects. traditional plants are valuable source of novel antidiabetic agents of which α-amylase inhibitors offers a strategy to manage post prandial hyperglycemia via control of starch breakdown. In the present study , sequential solvent extracts of the plants which were known to possess antidiabetic property were assessed with porcine and human pancreatic α-amylase as a potential target for hypoglycemic agents. IC 50 values were calculated and Km was determined using Michaelis-Menten and Lineweaver--Burk equation. Of the 85 extracts from 10 plants analyzed, aqueous extracts of two plants and methanol extract ofone plant exhibited strong α-amylase inhibition thus proving to be promising antidiabetic agents.