Preliminary Search for Biologically Active Secondary Metabolites from Cyclanthera dissecta

Poster Session
WALKER, Ashlie-Southwestern Oklahoma State University
CASTLE, Lisa-Southwestern Oklahoma State University


Antimicrobial assays were performed on Cyclanthera dissecta (Cucurbitaceae) to determine if the weedy annual vine warrants further investigation as a medicine.  Students at Southwestern Oklahoma State University have begun long term monitoring of a local Cyclanthera dissecta population in order to learn how it responds to changing weather and land use patterns.  The native species is very poorly studied, but has life history traits that suggest it could be a problematic weed, as well as edible and medicinal relatives including Cyclanthera pedata, Cyclanthera explodens and Cucumis metuliferus that suggest it might have healthful properties for humans.  In this study we examine the results of the initial antimicrobial assays performed on de-fatted organic extract of dried Cylanthera vines. These analyses are the initial stages of identifying bioactive compounds.