Phylogenetic Analysis of Rakhain Tribe of Patuakhali District, Bangladesh.

Rahman, Md. Sahidur - Biotech Concern, Bangladesh ***
Zahid, Ikhtiar - Biotech Concern, Bangladesh **
Rana, Md. Masud - Northern International Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh**

Phylogenetic relationship of Rakhain tribe of Patuakhali District, with other Bangladeshi tribal population was evaluated. One hundred and twenty eight blood samples were collected from healthy males for DNA isolation, PCR amplification and sequencing. Genetic markers used for Y-Chromosomal single-nucleotide-polymorphism (Y-SNPs) and Hyper Variable Region (HVR) of mitochondria revealed that, for Y-SNPs 60% of the samples fall in H1 Haplogroup which is common among Bangladeshi population, 15% in O Haplogroup which is common among Bangladeshi tribes, 10% in R1a1, 1.5% in J2,0.7% in L Haplogroup. The Mitochondrial Haplogroup showed a diverse pattern ranging from M Haplogroup including M2, M3, M4, M5, and U Haplogroup including U2, U6 and R Haplogroup including R6. The Rakhain tribe showed close genetic affinity with the Chakma tribe of Bandarban District, Bangladesh