1. Purpose: The Etkin Award has two purposes. First, to honour the memory of Nina Etkin and her work in ethnopharmacology and second, to support graduate students doing field work in ethnopharmacology. Award recipients are not expected to do the same work as Dr. Etkin but those exploring similar objectives will receive the highest consideration. Dr. Etkin conducted studies of food and medicine in traditional communities in Africa, North America, Oceania, and SE Asia.

2. Potential award recipients: Applicants must be graduate students or scholars with less than two years since earning a Ph.D. who are studying some aspect of ethnopharmacology. The following are desirable qualifications but these are flexible. Applicants lacking one or more of the following characteristics are still encouraged to apply.

  1. Students working in a Ph.D./D.Phil. program of study have preference over M.S./M.A. or other graduate degrees.
  2. Program of study focuses on ethnopharmacology or a closely related field (e.g., anthropology, pharmacology)
  3. Membership in the ISE

3. Award schedule and proposals: Ordinarily, one award will be made every two years (even numbered years), in the amount of U.S.$ 5000.

Learn about Proposal requirements here: http://www.ethnopharmacology.org/ISE_etkin_award.html


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