The Awards Committee of the Society of Ethnobiology is delighted to announce that Dr. Eugene Hunn, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Washington, has been selected to receive the Distinguished Ethnobiologist Award at our forthcoming conference in Cherokee. Professor Hunn is well known for his ethnobiological fieldwork across the North American continent, from Alaska to Mexico. He has also made outstanding contributions to theory and method in ethnobiology. Professor Hunn has also worked tirelessly to contribute his expertise to the benefit of the communities with whom he has carried out pioneering fieldwork of the highest caliber. In addition to his noted professional contributions, as anthropologist and ethnobiologist,

Professor Hunn has earned the reputation of birder par excellence. He has also been teacher and mentor to several ethnobiologists of the current generation; and as a member of the Society since its earliest days, he has also provided inestimable service to it in numerous capacities, including host of the annual conference, editor of the Journal of Ethnobiology, and President of the Society of Ethnobiology.  Please join us in Cherokee to celebrate the many accomplishments of the distinguished scholar and activist in the cause of ethnobiology, Dr. Eugene Hunn.