The Society of Ethnobiology announces a change in the editorial board of their flagship journal. Dana Lepofsky, Kris Gremillion, and Lee Newsome have served as editors for the 2013, 2014, and 2015 volumes of the Journal of Ethnobiology. Moving forward with the fall 2015 issue and beyond, Dana Lepofsky and Steve Wolverton will serve as editors of the Journal. The Society’s Board of Trustees is very grateful to Dr. Gremillion and Dr. Newsom for their high quality work. The Journal of Ethnobiology has benefited enormously from their editorial work. Please join the Board in expressing a whole-hearted ‘thank you’ to Dr. Gremillion and Dr. Newsome, a sincere 'glad you are staying' to Dr. Lepofsky, and a joyful ‘welcome’ to Dr. Wolverton.