Our congratulations to the many student authors who participated in the 2013 Barbara Lawrence Award competition! There was a tie and two papers share the award and prize money. One of the Barbara Lawrence Awards went to Chelsey Gerlada Armstrong, Ian Puppe, Stephen Fratpietro, and Eldon Molto, an interdisciplinary group at University of Western Ontario for their paper “Ancient DNA in Archaeologically Charred Zea mays: Prospects and Limitations for Ethnobiologists.” The second Barbara Lawrence Award was presented to Amy Hoffman, Christy Winstead, and Laura Ellyson, a group of researchers at the University of North Texas for their paper “Local Dietary Trends and Inter-site Connections in the Ancestral Pueblo Goodman Point Community, Southwestern Colorado.”  These papers both serve as examples of the advancement of interdisciplinary and collaborative work that expands our scientific knowledge of past human-environment interactions, with implications for anthropogenic climate change and human diet.