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Volume 1, Number 2 • Winter 1981

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Early Acceptance of Watermelon by Indians of the United States
Leonard W. Blake
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A "Lost" Viking Cereal Grain
Lisa Carlson Griffin
Ralph M. Rowlett
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The Añu and the Maca
Timothy Johns
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Nutritional Content of Selected Aboriginal Foods in Northeastern Colorado: Buffalo (Bison bison) and Wild Onions (Allium spp.)
Elizabeth Ann Morris
W. Max Witkind
Ralph L. Dix
Judith Jacobson
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Factors Influencing Botanical Resource Perception Among the Huastec: Suggestions for Future Ethnobotanical Inquiry
Janis B. Alcorn
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Elements of the Purepecha Mycological Classification
Cristina Mapes
Gastón Guzmán
Javier Caballero N.
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The Pervasiveness of Onomatopoeia in Aguaruna and Huambisa Bird Names
Brent Berlin
John P. O'Neill
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