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Volume 2, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 1982

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Animal Domestication and Oscillating Climates
Brian Hesse
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Traditional Use of Devil's-Club (Oplopanax horridus; Araliaceae) by Native Peoples in Western North America
Nancy J. Turner
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Vertebrate Fauna from Four Coastal Mississippian Sites
Elizabeth J. Reitz
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Biological Classification from a Groote Eylandt Aborigine's Point of View
Julie Waddy
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Differential Grain Use on the Titelberg, Luxembourg
Ralpha M. Rowlett
Maria Hopf
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Utilitarian/Adaptationist Explanations of Folk Biological Classification: Some Cautionary Notes
Terence E. Hays
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Folk Zoological Life-Forms and Linguistic Marking
Cecil H. Brown
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