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Volume 3, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 1983

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The Role of Plants Found in the Mexican Markets and Their Importance in Ethnobotanical Studies
Robert A. Bye, Jr.
Edelmira Linares
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Changing Subsistence Priorities and Early Settlement Patterns on the North Coast of Peru
Sheilia Pozorski
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Pollen from Adobe Brick
Mary Kay O'Rourke
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The Origin and Evolution of Domesticated Capsicum Species
W. Hardy Eshbaugh
Sheldon I. Guttman
Michael J. McLeod
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Puffball Usages Among North American Indians
William R. Burk
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Keeping of Stingless Bees by the Kayapo' Indian of Brazil
Darrell A. Posey
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Archaeological Assessment of Seasonality from Freshwater Fish Remains: A Quantitative Procedure
Darcy F. Morey
  Sketches in the Sand
Willard Van Asdall
  News and Comments
Eugene S. Hunn
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Book review: The Coronado Project Archaeological Investigations. The Specialist's Volume: Biocultural Analyses, compiled by Robert E. Gasser
Charles H. Miksicek
  Book review: Etnobotanica en el Estado de Morelos, by Bernardo Baytelman
Charles H. Miksicek
  Book review: Photomicrographs of World Woods, by Anne Miles
Charles H. Miksicek
 : Book review: Medicinal Uses of Plants by Indian Tribes of Nevada, by Percy Train, James R. Henrichs, and W. Andrew Archer
Charles H. Miksicek