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Volume 3, Number 2 • Winter 1983

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Prehistoric Bird Bone from the Big Ditch Site, Arizona
Alan Ferg
Amadeo M. Rea
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An Ethnobotanical Anomaly: The Dearth of Binomial Specifics in a Folk Taxonomy of a Negrito Hunter-Gatherer Society in the Philippines
Thomas N. Headland
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Evaluating the Stability of the Subsistence Strategies by Use of Paleoethnobotanical Data
Deborah M. Pearsall
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Richard Spruce: An Early Ethnobotanist and Explorer of the Northwest Amazon and Northern Andes
Richard Evans Schultes
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Love Potions of Andros Island, Bahamas
Susan A. McClure
W. Hardy Eshbaugh
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Patterns of Variation in Exotic Races of Maize (Zea mays, Gramineae) in a New Geographic Area
Rita A. Shuster
Robert A. Bye, Jr.
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Recent Anthropology Doctoral Dissertations of Interest to Ethnobiologists I
Terence E. Hays
  Sketches in the Sand
Willard Van Asdall
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News and Comments
Eugene S. Hunn
  Book review: Once a River, Bird Life and Habitat Changes on the Middle Gila, by Amadeo M. Rea, sketches by Takashi Ijichi
Donald M. Bahr
  Book review reply: Reply to Bahr
Amadeo M. Rea
  Book review: Le Cheval dans la view quotidienne; techniques et representations du cheval de travail dans l'Europe industrielle, by Bernadette Lizet
Ann Cooper