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Volume 15, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 1995

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Why is Taxonomy Utilitarian?
Daniel Clément
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Ethnozoological Classification and Classifacatory Language Among the Nage of Eastern Indonesia
Gregory Forth
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Biological Diversity and Community Lore in Northeastern Thailand
Lyndon Wester
Sekson Yongvanit
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"Ghost Ears" (Exobasidium sp. affin. vaccinni) and Fool's Huckleberries (Menziesia ferruginea Smith): A Unique Report of Mycophagy on the Central and North Coasts of British Columbia
Brian D. Compton
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Some Notes on Ethnographic Subsistence Systems in Mojavean Environments in the Great Basin
Catherine S. Fowler
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Prehistoric Ceramic Age Adaptation to Varying Diversity of Animal Resources Along the West Indian Archipelago
Elisabeth S. Wing
Stephen R. Wing
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Editor's View
Eugene S. Hunn
  News and Comments
Gary J. Martin
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Book Review: The Ethnobotany of Southern Balochistan, Pakistan, with Particular Reference to Medicinal Plants, by Steven M. Goodman and Abdul Ghafoor
Nancy J. Turner
  Book Review: Edible Wild Plants of Sub-Saharan Africa: An Annotated Checklist, Emphasizing the Woodland and Savanna Floras of Eastern and Southern Africa, Including Plants Utilized for Food by Chinpanzees and Baboons, by Charles R. Peters, Eileen M. O'Brien, and Robert B. Drummond
Nina L. Etkin
  Book Review: The Nature of Shamanism: Substance and Function of a Religious Metaphor, by Michael Ripinsky-Naxon
Daniel W. Gade
  Book Review: Advances in New Crops, edited by Jules Janick and James E. Simon
Richard Evans Schultes
  Book Review: New Crops, edited by Jules Janick and James E. Simon
Richard Evans Schultes
  Book Review: Footprints of the Forest: Ka'apor Ethnobotany--The Historical Ecology of Plant Utilization by an Amazonian People, by William Balée
Darrell A. Posey
  Book Review: In the Society of Nature: A Native Ecology in Amazonia [Originally published in French as La nature domestique. Symbolisme et praxis dans l'ecologie des Achuar], by Philippe Descola, translated from the French by Nora Scott
Darrell A. Posey
  Book Review: El Juego de la Supervivencia: Un Manual para la Investigación Etnoecológica en Latinoamerica (The Game of Survival: A Manual for Ethnoecological Research in Latin America), by Victor M. Toledo
Gary J. Martin
  Book Review: Life Cycles: Reflections of an Evolutionary Biologist, by John Tyler Bonner
Willard Van Asdall
  Book Review: Native American Cultural Resource Studies at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, by Richard Stoffle, David Halmo, John Olmsted, and Michael Evans
Cath Cotton