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Volume 21, Number 2 • Fall/Winter 2001

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Ethnobotany of Ku-Nu-Che: Cherokee Hickory Nut Soup
Gayle J. Fritz
Virginia Drywater Whitekiller
James W. McIntosh
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Pursuing the Fruits of Knowledge: Cognitive Ethnobotany in Missouri's Little Dixie
Justin M. Nolan
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Caves, Ursids, and Artifacts: A Natural-Trap Hypothesis
Steve Wolverton
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The Use of Cattail (Typha latifolia L.) Down as a Sacred Substance by the Interior and Coast Salish
Joanna Ostapkowicz
Dana Lepofsky
Rick Schulting
Albert (Sonny) McHalsie
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Contributions to the Ethnobotany of the Cup'it Eskimo, Nunivak Island, Alaska
Dennis Griffin
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Taxonomic Identity of "Hallucinogenic" Harvester Ant (Pogonomyrmex californicus) Confirmed
Kevin P. Groark
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Bill Balée
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Book Review: Black Rice: The African Origins of Rice Cultivation in the Americas, by Judith A. Carney
E.N. Anderson
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Book Review: People, Plants, and Justice: The Politics of Nature Conservation, edited by Charles Zerner
Cynthia T. Fowler
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Book Review: Flora of the Gran Desierto and Río Colorado of Northwestern Mexico, by Richard Stephen Felger
Sally P. Horn
Appendix and Table 13 for the article Rain Forest Habitat Classification Among the Matsigenka of the Peruvian Amazon from Volume 21, Number 1
Glenn H. Shepard Jr.
Douglas W. Yu
Manuel Lizarralde
Mateo Italiano