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Volume 22, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 2002

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Observational Study of Maize Production Systems of Zuni Farmers in Semiarid New Mexico
Deborah A. Muenchrath
Maya Kuratomi
Jonathan A. Sandor
Jeffrey A. Homburg
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Vaccinium Processing in the Washington Cascades
Cheryl A. Mack
Richard H. McClure
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Underdifferentiated Taxa and Sublexical Categorization: An Example from Matses Classification of Bats
David W. Fleck
Robert S. Voss
Nancy B. Simmons
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Comparative Ethnomycological Survey of Three Localities from La Malinche Volcano, Mexico
A. Montoya
A. Estrada-Torres
J. Caballero
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'Orphan Trees of the Forest': Why do Ntumu Farmers of Southern Cameroon Protect Trees in Their Swidden Fields?
Stéphanie M. Carrière
Naomi F. Miller
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Book Review: The Cambridge World History of Food, edited by Kenneth Kiple and Kriemheld Coneè Ornelas
E.N. Anderson
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Book Review: Ethnobiology at the Millennium: Past Promise and Future Prospects, edited by Richard I. Ford
Kevin D. Janni
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Book Review: Introdução á etnoentomologia: Consideraçoes metodológicas e estudo de casos (Introduction to Ethnoentomology: Methodological Considerations and Case Studies), by Eraldo Medeiros Costa Neto
Darron A. Collins
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Book Review: On Biocultural Diversity: Linking Language, Knowledge, and the Environment, edited by Luisa Maffi
John R. Stepp
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Book Review: First Fish, First Peoples: Salmon Tales of the North Pacific Rim, edited by Judith Roche and Meg McHutchison
Douglas Deur
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