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Volume 1, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 1981

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Steven D. Emslie
Steven A. Weber
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Alfred F. Whiting, 1912–1978
Katharine Bartlett
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Gardening and Farming Before A.D. 1000: Patterns of Prehistoric Cultivation North of Mexico
Richard I. Ford
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A Critical View of the Use of Archaeological Vertebrates in Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction
Donald K. Grayson
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Pollen Production, Transport and Preservation: Potentials and Limitations in Archaeological Palynology
Richard H. Hevly
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Inferred Dating of Ozark Bluff Dweller Occupations Based on Achene Size of Sunflower and Sumpweed
Richard A. Yarnell
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On Predicting Human Diets
H. Ronald Pulliam
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Resource Utilization and Food Taboos of Sonoran Desert Peoples
Amadeo M. Rea
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Dietary Mineral Ecology of the Hopi
Harriet V. Kuhnlein
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The Perceptual Bases of Ethnobiological Classification: Evidence from Aguaruna Jívaro Ornithology
Brent Berlin
James Shilts Boster
John P. O'Neill
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Quelites--Ethnoecology of Edible Greens -- Past, Present, and Future
Robert A. Bye, Jr.
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On the Relative Contribution of Men and Women to Subsistence Among Hunter-Gatherers of the Columbia Plateau: A Comparison with Ethnographic Atlas Summaries
Eugene S. Hunn
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Devil's Claw Domestication: Evidence from Southwestern Indian Fields
Gary Nabhan
Alfred Whiting
Henry Dobyns
Richard Hevly
Robert Euler
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Wasps, Warriors and Fearless Men: Ethnoentomology of the Kayapó Indians of Central Brazil
Darrell A. Posey
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Use of Opal Phytoliths in Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction
Rhoda Owen Lewis
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Aspects of Deterioration of Plant Remains in Archaeological Sites: The Walpi Archaeological Project
Robert E. Gasser
E. Charles Adams