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Volume 23, Number 2 • Fall/Winter 2003

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African Traditional Plant Knowledge in the Circum-Caribbean Region
Judith A. Carney
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Knowledge of Traditional Medicines and Veterinary Practices Used for Reproductive Health Problems
Cheryl Lans
Gabriel Brown
Gustave Borde
Veronica N. Offiah
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Food and Medicinal Plants Used for Childbirth Among Yunnanese Chinese in Northern Thailand
Wang Liulan
Weerachai Nanakorn
Katsuyoshi Fukui
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Exotic Drift Seeds in Norway: Vernacular Names, Beliefs and Uses
Torbjørn Alm
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Traditional Phenological Knowledge of Aboriginal Peoples in British Columbia
Trevor C. Lantz
Nancy J. Turner
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Secondary Biodiversity: Local Perceptions of Forest Habitats, the Case of Solferino, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Maria de los Angeles La Torre-Cuadros
Norbert Ross
Naomi F. Miller
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Book Review: Farmers, Scientists and Plant Breeding: Integrating Knowledge and Practice., edited by David A. Cleveland and Daniela Soleri
Roy Ellen
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Book Review: Spruce Root Basketry of the Haida and Tlingit, by Sharon Busby
Robert M. Hill II
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Book Review: Plants and People of Nepal, by Narayan P. Manandhar
Janice Sacherer
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Book Review: A Chinese Bestiary: Strange Creatures from the Guideways through Mountains and Seas, edited and translated by Richard E. Strassberg
Robert B. Marks
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Book Review: Bread, Ovens and Hearths of the Past: Archaeology and Baking Traditions of Agriculture Civilizations in Europe and the Near East
(Pain, fours, et foyers des temps passés: archéologie et traditions boulangères des peuples agriculteurs d'Europe et du Proche Orient), assembled by Kai Fechner and Marianne Mesnil

Wilma Wetterstrom
  Announcement: Society of Ethnobiology, 27th Annual Conference, Living Landscapes: Linking Ethnobiology and Restoration Ecology in the Revival of Native Systems, University of California, Davis, March 24–27, 2004