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Volume 23, Number 1 • Spring/Summer 2003

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Alune Arachnophagy and Approaches to Spiders Among an Eastern Indonesian People
Christopher Healey
Margaret Florey
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"Head of Snake, Wings of Butterfly, and Body of Cicada": Impressions of the Lantern-fly (Hemiptera: Fulgoridae) in the Village of Pedra Branca, Bahia State, Brazil
Eraldo Medeiros Costa-Neto
Josué Marques Pacheco
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Markets and the Use of Wild Animals for Traditional Medicine: A Case Study Among the Tsimane' Amerindians of the Bolivian Rain Forest
Lilian Apaza
Ricardo Godoy
David Wilkie
Elizabeth Byron
Tomás Huanca
William R. Leonard
Eddy Peréz
Victoria Reyes-García
Vincent Vadez
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The Grammar of Snchitsu'umshtsn (Coeur d'Alene) Plant Names
Gary B. Palmer
M. Dale Kinkade
Nancy J. Turner
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Shellfish Assemblages from Two Limestone Quarries in the Palau Islands
Scott M. Fitzpatrick
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The Use of Driftwood on the North Pacific Coast: An Example from Southeast Alaska
Dana Lepofsky
Natasha Lyons
Madonna L. Moss
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Wood Remains from Andean Argentina: The Use of Prosopis sp. L. in Hut Construction
Aylen Capparelli
Nora Zagorodny
Bárbara Balesta
Naomi F. Miller
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Book Review: Biodiversity and Native America, edited by Paul E. Minnis and Wayne J. Elisens
Meredith Dudley
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Book Review: Participatory Approaches to the Conservation and Use of Plant Genetic Resources, edited by Esbern Friis-Hansen and Bhuwon Sthapit
Brien A. Meilleur
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Book Review: Mayo Ethnobotany: Land, History, and Traditional Knowledge in Northwest Mexico, by David Yetman and Thomas R. Van Devender
Felice S. Wyndham
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Book Review: Fire, Native Peoples, and the Natural Landscape, edited by Thomas Vale
Henry T. Lewis
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Book Review: Trekking through History: The Huaorani of Amazonian Ecuador, by Laura M. Rival
Loretta Cormier